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Fluid ultrasound

So I was scheduled today for a fluid ultrasound which would be the first step towards my July cycle of IVF.  I just got a call from the doctor's office and they had to reschedule this for Thursday.  I am currently on CD 12 and I thought that it had to be done by today.

Does anyone have experience with this and is CD 14 ok for this test?  Not going to lie I was already for this and am a little disappointed about it being cancelled. :(


Re: Fluid ultrasound

  • Hmm.  The reason (as I understand it) that they want it done by CD 12 is so that it's before you ovulate, if you are actively TTC before your IVF cycle.  If you are, do you know when you ovulate? Is there a chance it could be by CD 14? And if so, I personally would insist that they first do a regular ultrasound to see if you've ovulated yet before they do the SHG (sonohysterogram, or hysteroscopy, as it's also known).  Especially since THEY are the ones who have done the rescheduling, not you.  And if they won't do that, and you are TTC this month, then I think I would make them reschedule me for next month.
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  • Thank you... I am currently on birth control pills in preparation for the July cycle so I believe that I will be ok.  I did call the office again and they were a little more helpful and everything will work out in the end.
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