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Safe Harbor Splash Park

We went to the Safe Harbor Splash Park at the Lee District Rec center this weekend, and it was awesome!  This is handicaped accessible.  It was WONDERFUL and heartwarming to see a little girl zooming along in her wheel chair having so much fun!

It is so great to see something wonderful come out of a tragic event.  The link above tells the whole story. 

Re: Safe Harbor Splash Park

  • We thought about going, but couldn't bear to leave the AC!  I know, sad. 

    I can't wait to try it out though - sounds awesome.  Was it crowded?

  • We also went this weekend, and it was AWESOME (i'm actually a little afraid to tell anyone about it b/c I don't want it to be too crowded). :) The babies loved the water. It wasn't too crowded. We got there around 12:30pm.
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  • We got there yesterday a few minutes before it opened and there was a line to get in, but we still made the cut off.

    Capacity is about 250.  When we left at noon, there was a wait to get in.  There is a pavilion off to the side they had for people to wait.  As people would leave, the attendant would ask if you were leaving.  If you said yes, she would tell the attendant at the pavilion, who would then release X number of people.

  • We've been three times already! It's awesome and only 10 minutes from our house, so we can pop over for an hour or so whenever the mood strikes. DD loves it! DH and I love it because it's zero-depth, so DD can walk around and we don't have to worry about her slipping and going under the water. On Saturday, we sat under the canopy while she played in the fountains 8 feet away from us.

     And kafunder--I was afraid to say anything too, for the same reason as you! Stick out tongue

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