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anyone else struggling with pre-natals?

I have been taking pre-natal for about a year now, started taking them before I was pregnant, and for the last month or so, I had to change to 2 colace a day, an iron pill, and my prenatal is the 2 pill kind now with a DHA pill.  Everyday I have the hardest time actually getting them in.  I can be fine all morning but as soon as I tell myself it's time to take them, I start to get nauseous and gag.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Any suggestions to help me get them in?

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Re: anyone else struggling with pre-natals?

  • Have you tried taking them at night instead or right after breakfast? I know my stomach tends to be much 'weaker' earlier in the morning and the gagging is nothing more than mind over matter.

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  • I take my prenatal at night, otherwise, I puke it up.  I take the colace at the same time.  Then, I immediately go to bed.  I also take iron at noon as taking it at the same time as the prenatal can actually inhibit absorption. 
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  • I've found that if I take them in the morning on an empty stomach, I get a little nauseous afterwards. I just try to eat some food first before taking them.
  • I take my pre-natals and colace at night with chocolate milk and I take my iron in the morning with OJ... The different liquids help with absorption, and help me not feel sick after...
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  • Sometimes I will take my sons flinestones complete when I cant get mine down! It is almost exactly the same as a prenatal.

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  • I had the same problem in my first trimester. I called my OB and got a prescription for a chewable prenatal which helped a lot. Then I found gummy vitamins (Vita Fusion Pre-natal. They sell them at BRU, Walgreens) which are amazing. They contain DHA so you don't have to take the extra pill. They don't contain iron though. I showed them to my OB and she approved them.
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  • I only take my prenatals, and drink some metamucil if things are getting rough. But with the prenatals, I take them a few hours after eating to keep from getting nauseous. I spent about a week puking them up before I figured out that I couldn't take them with food. The package even says to wait 2-3 hours after eating or 1 hour before eating.

  • Target has gummy prenatals with DHA!!! Sooo much easier to handle (regular prenatals makes me vomit even at night, after a meal, in the 3rd tri...)
  • I had to take my at night b/c daytime made me too sick but lately shortly after taking them I would throw up. So now I take them with my Phenegran(sp?)  which helps w/ the nausea and puts me to sleep pretty quickly.

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