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how did you deal with Elizabeth not napping at such a young age?  Did you still send her to her room for quiet time?

I still send Marion to her room every day for an hour or two for quiet time, even if she doesn't sleep, but that's starting to turn into more of a battle than I want to make of it.

I wish she would watch a movie besides Willy Wonka because I'd put a movie in every day and just let her watch that for quiet time, but she still doesn't seem to have much interest in it.

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  • It's so funny, but I still think of Elizabeth as my napper!  Sarah was the ultimate non-napping child so she was good preparation for this phase with E.  But I understand how hard it can be because I remember those times when mine were the ages yours are - it's rough, and I really counted on that nap each day!

    We have a long school day - it's 8:30 to 2:30.  I've been able to count on Elizabeth napping at preschool on MWF from 1 pm to 2:30 when we pick up, and I count anything beyond that as a bonus.  Her teachers assure me that she usually naps during rest time at school.    On T/TH when she and I are together all day, I just assume she's not going to nap.  But I watch her for signs of sleepiness and try to act accordingly.  Occasionally she'll fall asleep in the car after we pick up Sarah, and I can transfer her easily to her own bed.  But that's rare.  Very rarely she'll take a huge nap in the late afternoons but the negative is that she'll be up until 10 pm!  Ugh.

    I make both girls rest on my bed downstairs and watch TV if we come home right after school.  I think it relaxes them.  They're so close in age and such close buddies that it's hard to separate them, so sending E. to her room for rest time if Sarah's in the house just doesn't work.  As Marion gets older there will be more movies and shows she'll enjoy.  Three has really been the magic age for us.  Since E. turned 3 in February, it feels like everything with both girls has gotten much much easier.  Sorry to go on and on.  Hope the info helps!


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