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Waking up screaming

The last 3 nights DD (3 1/2 months) has woken up within 1/2 hour to an hour after I put her to bed with a shrill cry, and will do it 2-3 times before she is finally asleep for the night.  It just started, and as soon as I go in there and just put my hand on her, she goes right back to sleep.  The cry starts as a scream that makes you think she got a shot or something, very high pitched, then goes to just a normal cry.  Any ideas on why this all the sudden started or what it could be?
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Re: Waking up screaming

  • Our DD has been doing this too.  No idea why...my husband's theory is that she peed and it takes a few secs for the diaper to absorb, so doesn't like being wet...I don't know if I agree though.
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  • Shanin8Shanin8 member
    My LO has done this a couple of times and I always assumed it was gas pain...
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  • It could be because babies are starting to be scared of things at this point. Do you have a nightlight of some sort in her room? If she wakes at night and sees nothing but dark, it might scare the crap out of her. I have a big pink flower on the wall near the crib (not too close to be grabbed though!) and it provides enough light to see where my feet are going at night, but keep the room dim. There's a white one above the changing table to provide a little more light for night booty changes.

    Beware, she might start showing fear at people she normally is around too. When we vacationed, DH let his facial gruff grow out and he shaved it off yesterday. When he popped up infront of A's face, she SCREAMED! She was terrified of him, but after hearing his voice she realized it was him. The growing out was so gradual it was easy to get used to, but going from a lot of gruff to nothing scared her. 

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  • DS will also do this and I chalked it up to gas pains. He will scream and whimper for a little bit and then go right back to sleep.
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  • Yup, DD does this with gas.  She woke both H and I up out of a dead sleep at 3 am one morning with that scream, but she wasnt awake at all!  She was having some serious gas all that night, and does pretty much every night now.
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