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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage Doesn't Seem to be Progressing

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This is my 3rd mc, but I've never mc this early (9w).  Even with all that, I'm still afraid.  I also have a permanent cerclage (TAC) and feel like my mc is stalled.  There is no question that I'm mc.  I'm just wondering if the cerclage is causing issues or if this is just taking time to happen (I know no one here can answer this question).  I started bleeding lightly on Friday with no progression to heavier bleeding, but I am at least passing clots (sorry to be explicit).  I'm going into my MFM tomorrow, but honestly don't want anyone touching me.  I feel really overwhelmed and guilty with a little guy at home who needs me, but I hurt too much to take care of him today.  I just want this to be over and am sad.  I know this is probably just the beginning.

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