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oh crap :-(

As you guys know, Warner started going to a new daycare 2 weeks ago. He's just going one day a week and it gives me time to work on freelance design projects. I have been really happy with his dcp....she is incredibly nice, fantastic with the kids, all the other kids were about his same age, her house is immaculate, and she's only about 2 minutes away from our house.

But she called today and said that this is going to have to be his last week for a (long) while. She was able to offer me that part-time spot because one of her full-time kids spends every Wednesday with his grandparents. Warner was just taking his spot on that day. But the kid's grandma fell and broke her hip really badly last week and it's going to be a long time until she's up and around and able to care for a toddler. So I'm screwed. 

I am just so bummed. We don't HAVE to have daycare for him, but I can't only do work in the evenings. I need to be available at least one day a week to meet with clients and it's really nice to be able to work for a long stretch during the day and not only at night when I'm kind of worn out from running around after Warner all day. And while my work doesn't bring in much income, I really, really love it and I'm still hoping that continuing to work on my own will lead to a great full-time job at some point. 

But how the heck can I look for new projects, meet with clients, keep my portfolio/website updated--oh, and actually do the work, and still have time to sleep, while being a SAHM of a two year old?

I'm going to ask around to the moms in my neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in doing a nanny-share one day a week (lots of nannies around here for some reason) and I'll keep looking for other in-home dcp with part-time spots open. But I hate that I'm back at square one again :-(

Re: oh crap :-(

  • Since you only need one day a week, it's too bad you couldn't find a SAHM that just wants to earn a little extra!

    I hope something comes through soon...  a nanny share sounds like a really good idea.   

  • I'm so sorry! Where do you live? If you have a local university, check their job board. There are lots of college students looking for sitting jobs over the summer. It wouldn't be the same as having W out of the house, but maybe someone could come help out a couple of days a week? The summer is a good time to find help like that? We have American close by and they have a great job board with sitters who post. My friend in NoVA used Sitter City and had a ton of people respond to her post for something similar this summer.
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  • With it being summer there may be other daycares that are losing teacher kids as well.  Also college kids home for summer may be able to come over and help out a few days a week as well.  Good luck though I can't imagine getting much done with him at home every day of the week.
  • imagetracy042206:
    With it being summer there may be other daycares that are losing teacher kids as well. 

    I was going to say this.  I am a teacher and DS will be out for the summer starting June 24th.

    You might be able to find a temporary solution for the summer.

  • what bad luck! :(

    can you find a DCP that'll take him 2 days a week? is that doable for you? I think finding someone just 1 day a week may be harder but if you are willing to do 2 days, it's a lot more probable you'll find a center or an at-home provider. Good luck!

  • That's such a bummer :-( I hope you can find some other options soon.

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  • That sucks. I just emailed you about this offline, might have a recommendation for you.
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