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weight loss check-in?

Is there one? Sorry I've been kind of out of the loop. Here are my stats: I gained 60lbs with the pregnancy and have about 18 left to go. I can't fit into my pants, although I can fit into my tops, kinda. My waist is 5 inches bigger than pre-pregnancy, and I hope it will eventually get close to where it was before, but with the c-section, we'll see. I am loosely doing weight watchers right now, allowing some extra points for partial breast-feeding (I pump since LO won't latch consistently, but supplement with formula). Today I took the maternity clothes and put them in storage, so now I have no choice! I do have a couple of pairs of pants in a bigger size, but not being able to fall back on the mat pants should motivate me.

Who's with me? I need some encouragement!

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Re: weight loss check-in?

  • You should join the weekly walking check-in (Fridays) and add weight loss to that!  I don't have a scale or measuring tape, but I'm sure other mommies would love to chart their success along with you! 

    What we're pretty much doing is remembering how long or far we've walked (with LO or without) and on fridays, we post on the check-in.  You can post your weekly loss there as well, which might motivate other mommies as well as yourself, too :-}

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  • Sounds good! I totally will! I need accountability. :)
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  • I gained 65 and have lost 30, 35 more to go. Nothing fits at all. For the longest time the scale would not budge not matter what I ate or did exercise wise, but I seem to be losing a half a pound a day so hopefully it will continue! 
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  • I gained around 60 - with a little over 20 left to lose. My PP jeans are nowhere near fitting. I fit nicely into shirts that were a little loose before. I am 2 sizes bigger than I was PP. I brought 1 pair of jeans and one pair of jean shorts to get me through. I have stretchy pants and shorts for the rest of the days

  • I've been doing weight watchers but this past week has been dreadful.  Holidays always kill me.  I'm thinking about not weighing in tomorrow and just going to the meeting.  I feel like I've gained for sure.

    I'm down 5.4lbs since starting WW in the middle of April.  I want to lose 10 more. I have 8 more to get to my pre pregnancy weight.

    What I'm more excited about is starting my new workout program.  It's called FIGHTER FITNESS... supposed to get you in awesome shape.  It's a 12 week program that is going to kick my a$$.  You can purchase their workouts from their website if anyone is interested.  http://www.esp-xc.com/

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  • I gained 43 lbs and have lost 36.  I had been stuck at the same weight since 6 weeks PP until last week, when I finally dropped 4 more.  Hooray!  I've been eating well, running, and doing informal pilates moves a lot (like when I'm brushing my teeth, or in bed before I go to sleep).  I'm hoping that terrible plateau is over and I'll keep dropping, but who knows.  I was a few lbs heavier than I'd like when I got pg, so I'm hoping to lose 17 more before I get to my goal weight.  Although, that sounds like a lot, and I really feel pretty good about the way I look now...if I was going swimming, I'd wear a bikini again.  Big Smile
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  • This sounds good to me! I'm currently 7lbs below my pre-PG weight, but I was 20-25 heavier then I really want to be when I got PG. I have 22lbs to go to reach my target weight.

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  • I gained 21 and lost about 35.  However, I still have another 35 pre-preg pounds that need to go.

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