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DH goes back to work tomorrow - terrified!! VENT

1. Formerly delightful 2 year old is alternately charming or tantrum monster depending on the hour. Has quit napping all of a sudden. Is getting out of bed at night. Has learned to unlock front door (scariest one of all). Cannot be worn out by any human methods - running, playground, riding bikes, etc.

2. 2 week old is being renamed "fussy pants" and wants to nurse every hour. Cannot be put down, and when in Moby wrap both Mom and baby sweat profusely.

3. Mommy is losing her mind WITH daddy home. What will happen tomorrow when he goes back to work? Stay tuned...

I had it in my mind that I was going to enjoy this since we knew it was our last one, and I feel very blessed to have two healthy kiddos, but HOLY $&*!!! 

 ...vent over... 

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Re: DH goes back to work tomorrow - terrified!! VENT

  • aw!  Hang in there - I don't have 2, so I can't even imagine, but I hope tomorrow will go a lot better than you're expecting. Lots of good luck dust coming to you!

    Can you turn a fan on or up the AC to keep you guys cooler when using the Moby?

  • Good luck - you CAN do it!!!
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  • It will be ok! Can DD "help" with the baby? Like bringing you diapers, pacifiers, burp cloths, etc?
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  • Oh, this sounds so familiar!!

    1. First of all, get a chain latch for the front door and any other doors he can open.  Only a couple of bucks and takes about five minutes to install.  Secondly, will he lay down with you for quiet time in the afternoon?  Are you having problems with his going to bed, too?  (We had that issue)  Can DH go in his room at night when he's waking up?  That helped us a lot (DS was also in a bed by then, which makes a difference).  We also put a small light in the room on a timer to go off about twenty minutes after he was put down for bed and that was when DS had to go to sleep.  It took it out of our hands and was easier for him to deal with.  (The napping issues may also resolve with some of the sleeping issues fixed)

    2.  Get a different wrap, one that allows you to nurse & carry comfortably in the heat.  I like my ring sling.  It should allow you to do most of what you need to (ie take care of toddler) while also keeping baby happy & fed.

    3. Hang in there, it does yet easier, I swear!!

  • Oh, yikes... I really feel for you. Hang in there  - it will only get better. Just remember your only job right now is to keep them alive and safe (and some semblance of sanity for yourself). Don't worry about anything above and beyond that at the moment!! 
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  • imagevtmezzo:

    I had it in my mind that I was going to enjoy this since we knew it was our last one, and I feel very blessed to have two healthy kiddos, but HOLY $&*!!! 

    I remember thinking I was going to take Molly out so much more than I did Maggie but it also never happened.  I thought maternity leave was going to be so much better (we sent the older one to daycare during the week), but it wasn't.  I think I actually got out less with Molly than with Maggie.

     Set your goals low.  For me before Molly was born, I just wanted to keep everyone alive during maternity leave.  Any happiness for anyone in the house should be seen as a bonus.  I fed the kids and kept them clean, any other cleaning, cooking etc was also random and often not done.

    For the 2yo, we did a lot of TV, coloring in the high chair during feedings or putting down for naps, kept a stash of new books to somewhat keep her attention.  For the baby, it will get better and there may be times you want to cry as well when both the kids are crying and you are trying your hardest to get everyone what they need, but it will pass and they will get so much better.  For us I usually dealt with the 2yo's needs first because she was much harder to calm down when worked up than the baby.

    Eventually the baby will get on a better schedule and that will make it a lot easier on everyone.

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