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Bottle ?

I am looking at bottles.  I know it is early, but I am a planner.  What bottles do you recommend if you are planning on breast and bottle feeding.  I want to mostly breastfeed, but our baby will have to go to daycare after I am off maternity leave.  So my plan is to pump and send the milk to daycare.  I have been reading reviews on a lot of different bottles that are supposed to be more like the breast, but have no idea what to chose.


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Re: Bottle ?

  • Born Free bottles work well for us.  DS took to them easily and they never caused any problems with BF.  They have 2 extra parts to prevent gas but they're very easy to clean and assemble.  Other popular bottles are: Avent, Dr. Brown's, and Tomee Tippee.  In general, a wider bottle is better for BF babies. 

    A few people have said that they like Playtex Drop-Ins but I would avoid the standard Playtex nipples.  The base is wide and flat and they have a short, nubby nipple.  The baby will grab on to this with their lips and gums and you don't want your baby learning to just latch onto the tip of your nipple like that.  Your baby needs to have a wide latch and take in as much of your nipple as possible, so you need a bottle that can mimic that.  I would probably save these bottles as a last resort if none of the other brands work.

    Some babies are picky about bottles so I would just pick a brand and buy one pack.  If those ones don't work out, then you can try something else.  That way you aren't stuck with a bunch of bottles you can't use.

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  • DS loved the Tommee Tippees from Babies R Us (unfortunately only place in the US to buy them)  Mommy loved them too.  Highly recommend them!
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