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Hi All

Long story short my BF of 6 years has officially left me a wk ago.  I am now 12 wks, but only found out 9 wks ago.  I am a very understanding and forgiving person, but recognize that there is no turning back.  My family and friends support me (and would love to kill him), but I know they don't understand.  It's hard for me to open up about how I feel because I just don't know what to feel or how to deal w those feelings.  I put on a pretty convincing smile, but inside I am a mess.  I am... confused to say the least. 

I guess I am just hoping to find a way not to feel completely out of contol and helpless.


Re: Hi All

  • If you feel that out of control I would recommend a therapist.  I have one that has been helping me deal with a lot of the issues surrounding my situation.
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