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When do you consider your LO "potty trained"

DS1 has been potty trained for pooping since 18 months.  We followed his cues, and when it became clear that he knew he was about to poop before he did, we introduced the potty. In the six months since then, I think I've changed maybe 5-6 poopy diapers when he didn't make it in time.


This week, we decided to introduce peeing on the potty.  He had several accidents the first day, then about one a day for a few days, and today he made it all day in underwear without a single accident.  He told us each time he had to go potty, and we even went to a Gymboree class (where he used a public bathroom for the first time) and the grocery store without accidents. He has also woken up with a dry diaper for the last three mornings. Actually, he now wakes up about an hour and a half before his usual wake-up time asking to go potty.


So, before I do the happy dance at the relative ease with which he was potty trained, I just wanted to see when all of you consider your child "trained."  As excited as I am, I wouldn't be surprised if he starts having more accidents in a few days or weeks when the novelty of this whole thing wears off for him.  He's just now two, which I know is really young for a boy to be potty trained.  

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Re: When do you consider your LO "potty trained"

  • I'm going to consider my daughter fully potty trained when she self-initiates most to all potty trips and goes without an accident for at least a week. We're far from that, but I'm trying to be optimistic:-) I'd say your little one is close to being full on potty trained. Congrats!
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