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LL Bean bag as diaper bag

Does anyone use one of their totes as a diaper bag?  If so what size is best?

Re: LL Bean bag as diaper bag

  • I'm planning to order a medium Boat & Tote to use as DH's diaper bag.  I'll probably order a second one for myself as a backup bag that stays in my car with a change of clothes, etc.  I'm a minimalist with items in my purse, so I can't imagine carrying a huge diaper bag around when I know my car isn't too far from wherever I am.
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  • Don't plan on using one as a diaper bag but do have my eye on one for down the road when traveling for toys/etc. possibly - would go large size for that.
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  • There was a nylon tote at LLBean that I really wanted to get but it looks like it's not being carried anymore... weird.
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