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A poop question

Sorry, couldn't think of a better subject line...

Anyway, last week DS had a stomach bug and some pretty yucky diapers which resulted in a bad diaper rash - which he almost never has. We've gotten over the brunt of the stomach bug, but he is still pooping A LOT more frequently than usual, but not full blown diarreha. The biggest problem is that he's pooping in the middle of the night, and then when he wakes up (earlier than usual, 5:15 or so, I think because he's dirty) he is SO rashy, since it's been there for a while. I've been checking when I go to bed at 10, just a smell check, and he's clean, but clearly he's pooping in his sleep. We get the rash tamed down during the day, then it gets all irritated again at night. Ugh.

Any words of wisdom? Do you think the more frequent pooping (4 times a day or so, from a kid who used to be once a day like clockwork) deserves a pedi visit? Should I try probiotics? Any ideas on helping with the nighttime issues?


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Re: A poop question

  • Probiotics worked like magic for C. I think his egg allergy going undiagnosed messed with his system so that even after we eliminated egg he was going a lot and it wasn't pretty.

    I had bought probiotics for myself to fend off a cold and put half of a capsule of those in his morning milk for a week (I also bought kids probiotics, but those are chewable and I couldn't figure out how to get him to take them without undue crushing or choking. QueSrah tipped me off to the milk trick). It helped immensely.

  • I would recommend probiotics, too. They make "infant" probiotics that is actually a powder you can mix in with milk - we use it on J. You can get it at Whole Foods.

    For the midnight pooping, can you REALLY load him up with Desitin or something? Sounds like he really needs the barrier to keep the rash away. 

    If the rash looks different than usual - more like poison ivy? - it might be a fungal infection, which you can treat with Lotrimin and some other stuff. Call your pedi if you're worried. 

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  • I'd recommend making sure it's not a yeast / fungal diaper rash as well. Also, when you do his nighttime diaper and put diaper cream on it, put a layer of Aquaphor over it as another barrier if he poops while asleep.
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  • I'd suggest a heavy coat of vaseline/aquaphor before bed to create a barrier against his skin.  Hope it clears up quickly!
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  • We buy the powder probiotic, Wegman's has it in the section where vitamins are, it's stored in the fridge.  When DS had the diaper rash from hell, I cut up an old bedsheet and put that in his disposable diaper overnight so it'd be a little more breathable. I stopped using baby wipes and washed with warm water and gently patted him dry and then let him air dry. And I lathered him up in Aquaphor to create a barrier. 4mo later he still has some scars on his butt, the pedi said it'll take a long time to go away (he doesn't feel them, it's just a skin discoloration). I literally was washing, air drying, every hour for days. It might be worth it to set your alarm and change him in the middle of the night. Poor little guy :(


  • Thanks ladies! We've done probiotics before when he's been on antibiotics, which is why I thought it might be a good idea...thanks for confirming that! We'll also add the aquaphor at night. I've done that before too, funny how we forget these things! We do slather him in triple paste but the second barier is a good idea. If it happens again tonight I just might set a mid-sleep alarm to check him. It's only red, no bumps, and goes away right away. But ugh, I can tell it hurts him, I hate it! We'll watch it and call the pedi, just in case it is a fungal infection. Thanks again!
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