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what are your summer SAH plans?

besides summer camp or vacations what are you doing with kids who are out of school?


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Re: what are your summer SAH plans?

  • Trying not to go insane...lol.

    I'll have a newborn come late June, so I'm sure that will occupy our time. DD is also staying in Little Gym for the summer, although she has requested to start ballet instead in the fall. The studio where I want to enroll her doesn't have a preschool class during the summer, so we'll just continue with LG until the fall.

    We also usually have playdates with friends once or twice a week. Other than that, I don't know. I'd like to have one other structured activity for her, but I'm not sure that will happen.



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  • mom2llmom2ll member
    We are doing swimming lessons.  I've also hired a Mother's Helper to come to the pool with us 2 times a week.  I'm looking at a tumbling class for Lu.
  • Both my kids have year round school. I'd feel guilty about sending them if we weren't going on vacation for 3 weeks. After that, I think we'll all be ready for some time apart!
  • LisaK2bLisaK2b member
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    Library on Tuesdays for storytime and gymnastic on Sat.  That's the only set plans we have for now.  Maybe a few playdates here and there during the weekends, but during the weekday, my mom doesn't like to go anywhere because of the sun and heat. 
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  • RaeAntRaeAnt member
    Kindermusik and Little Gym each once a week. I"ll be also watching another little boy so the plans I originally had for me & DS have now gone out the window. They were pretty much just going to the pool a bit every day.
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  • I'm a SAHM two days a week; the other three days she's in school, so I sort of count as a SAHM :)

    Pool time at the neighborhood pool, maybe tagging along with bpaullo to her pool ;)

    Maybe dance lessons

    Definitely swimming lessons

    Some fun classes together...there's a cute little cooking school for kids near our new house, so I'm going to look into that

    Trying to make new mama friends in our new neighborhood!  Hopefully some playdates.  Also continuing to drive back out to Pearland to meet up with my mom friends and my BFF out here.  


  • Lots of pool time.


    Science Center.




    Universal Studios.

    Slowly go insane.

    Indoor playgrounds.


    Botanic Gardens. 

  • hit the gym up a few times each week, play dates with friends, painting/small crafts at home, baking, playing in the backyard (on the not insanely hot days), Bouncin' Bears (bounce place near our house), travel for 2 weeks in July and attend a TON of summer birthday parties (I think all of her friends were born during the summer).
  • The girls will go to summer day camp 2 days each week.  To make the summer fun for us I'm also planning on spending lots of time at the pool, visiting the children's museum, going to matinee movies, story time at the library, the mall, play dates, bouncy houses, and indoor playground time. 

    We'll travel somewhere one weekend each month and I'm praying the grandparents ask to take them for some overnights as well.


  • jen5-03jen5-03 member

    early morning trips to the zoo followed by lunch out and home for a nap.

    early evening trips to the pool.

    Last year a friend and I took turns having drop-off playdates for our older kids... so once a week we knew that we'd have an easy morning. Because some how 2 just-turned 3yos were easier than 1!

    - Jena
  • Neighborhood pool


    Moody Gardens

    Children's Museum

    Palm Beach

    Movies (summer $1 movies at Cinemark)

    Swimming playdates at friends' houses who have pools

    Then a whole bunch of camps & bible school, too.


  • More reading, baking, art and "science" time

    Neighborhood pools 

    Swimming lessons



    visiting family

    zoo, children's museum

    early walks/park before it gets too hot (bring spray bottles to act as misters) 

    indoor playground

    library summer events

    splash pad

    possibly Kindermusik family class or Little Gym camp day(s)

    Movies, tv ;) 

  • library on Tuesdays, gymboree on saturdays.

    playdates during the week with friends

    zoo on some weekends.

    3 small trips planned

    pool time

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