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When did you start solids?

That's our next big step with LO. Pedi said to start at 5 months (which is in 2 weeks, OMG), but LO hasn't shown any interest in our food yet, so I might wait a little longer.
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Re: When did you start solids?

  • kastlekastle member

    5.5 months, at the suggestion of one of the ladies on here, because that way I would have enough time to try a few things & ask the pedi questions at teh 6mon appt.

    my child always has been interested in what we eat, though.  he basically eats what we eat every night at this point (last night was asparagus/broc/mushroom risotto, before that it was bbq pork, baked beans, etc.)

  • We started cereal around 4 months, then veggies/fruit at 6 months.
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  • We did cereal (a week each of oatmeal, brown rice and barley) at 5 months with DD and *gasp* next week will be starting cereal with DS.  We started with veggies at 5.5 months. 
  • Our plan is to start offering food no earlier than 6 months. As for when he'll actually eat it, we plan to do baby-led solids, so we'll go off of V's cues. I'm hoping we'll have something ready from our garden to start him with. If not, I think we'll do avacado. I can't believe our babies are old enough for us to be thinking about this! Big Smile

    All that said, DH thinks it is the cutest thing to let V lick foods. This makes me a bit batty. I think he's only done it twice: once with a banana and once with white chocolate (sigh). Who knows how it will play out for us, LOL!.

  • at H's 4 mo visit (which was really almost 4.5 months) the pedi told us we could start. though she hadn't doubled her birth weight yet -maybe she still hasn't? - which i've heard they're supposed to, so we didn't start. she does show a lot of interest in us eating and drinking so i think she's ready now.

    we probably will start on oatmeal within the next week or so and introduce other things before her 6mo visit so i can follow up

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  • My mom just told me the story of my first food. At 4 months, she dipped my paci in ice cream. I blame her for my addiction to Ben and Jerry's (which is now being thwarted by my dairy-free diet).Stick out tongue

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  • We waited until 6 months with DS.  DD started getting one meal a day at 4.5 months to help with her reflux.  At 5 months, we took her in for a weight check b/c she wasn't eating, and the pedi put her back on Prevacid and told us to start giving her 3 meals a day.  So, she's been loading up on solids ever since.
  • We offered cereal for the first time about a week before DS's six month appointment, and we offered carrots later that week.

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  • we delay until LO shows real interest. with DS, that was 7 months. we started wtih oatmeal, then added spinach to the oatmeal, then moved to avocado.

    with DD, we started at 8 months. we started with egg yolks, then avocado, then applesauce and Mila (a "superfood" blend of chia seeds). 

    i nurse and so for each baby i mixed whatever solid they had with breastmilk. 

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  • We tried around 5 months.  DS got really constipated.  We tried again a week or so after 6 months.
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  • I believe it's been shown that eBFed babies who start solids too early (much before 6mo old) are more likely to be obese later in life; we started DD at 1 day before 6mo old; we started DS at 5.5mo old but he was ready way before that. We did rice cereal followed by avocado for each one (although DD was allergic to avocado as well as a bunch of other first 'staples,' such as sweet potato). Until 8mo old, solids are for practice only, he will still need as much BM as he's getting now; in fact if your under 8-mo old baby is starting to decrease BM intake, you need to decrease the amount of solid food. He'll be on solids the rest of his life, what's the rush, is my opinion.


  • We started at 6 months - here is a link to some info. on delaying solids from Kelly Mom


  • DS started cereals at 5.5 months and full on solids at 6 months.  DD was 5 months when she started oatmeal (I skipped rice with her since DS got badly constipated on it) and 6 months for other solids.
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  • 4.5 months and it was just rice cereal.  Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead at 4 months though.  LO was interested and didn't have any digestion issues.  2 weeks later we started introducing more foods.
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  • After I posted that LO has no interest in food, DH told me that when he ate dinner last night (I was working late), LO was mesmerized by his chicken nuggets, lol.
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  • For my three kids it was at various times between 5 and 6 months.  Remember - just because you decide to start them doesn't mean LO will be on board.  My DS is so not interested in solids still - but we keep trying without forcing the issue.
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  • We're going to try some oatmeal this weekend, a few days before DD turns 6 months old.  We'll see how it goes and then can discuss solids at her 6 month check up.

    Pedi gave us the ok to start anytime between 4.5-6 months.  We decided to wait until 6 months and when DD started showing interest.  She has just started showing interest in the past week or so.

  • We started at 5.5 months. Like kastle, we wanted to try solids before M's 6 month check-up in case we had any questions. He eats a mix of purees and table food now.
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