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Potty Training

Terrified to poop on potty?

My son was very interested in potty training early (18-19 months), so we started just doing it before baths and now he is pee trained during the day.  He has pooped maybe a dozen times on the potty, but it is seriously traumatic for both of us.  He will only do it with me and waits until the last minute to go.  So we go back and forth to the potty about 20 times until he can't hold it anymore.  He immediately starts crying and gets so worked up and scared.  I have been reassuring him and basically trying to be a cheerleader.  But he screams his head off because he is so terrified.  His bm's are soft, so he's not constipated and he is totally fine the moment he is done and he's very proud of himself.  We are not in a huge rush to completely train him because of the new baby coming in a few weeks.  I figure he'll regress some anyways.  I'm just at a loss of how to get past this fear for him.  Any advice?
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