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Florence SAHM or Moms who want to join a play group

Hi Ladies,

     I am originally from Madison and I now live in Florence with my husband and DD. Sophie is 14 months and we have yet to find a play group. Does any one know of one or would anyone be interested in getting together. I would love for DD to get to socialize more with kids around her age. Hope to hear from you! Thanks.



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Re: Florence SAHM or Moms who want to join a play group

  • ojgistojgist member


    This is the only link I could find with any info about the MOPS group that meets at my church. I know several SAHMs that attend this group and really have enjoyed it. Best of all it is Free! They have various activities year round. Other than this group  I don't know of anything.

  • MissLMSMissLMS member

    Aren't you Amanda's SIL? I don't know of any playgroups in Florence but I was going to say that if you ever want to get the kids together to play in Florence sometime when I'm in town I'd be up for it! My DD is a little older, but she loves playing with other kids.

    My mom lives in the same neighborhood (F.H.) and we are up there a good bit. Last time we were there I took DD to play at that neighborhood playground on... I forgot what street it is. But she loved it. We'll also probably be at the neighborhood pool some this summer.

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  • Hey!

        Yes I am Amanda's SIL. We have had a hard time getting to know people with kids Sophie's age (14 months). That sounds great- please let me know when you are in town and I would love to see you and DD. Sophie loves playing with other kids- Mason who is 13 months older plays great with Soph. She will be fine! Thanks so much for responding. See you this summer.

                                                     Mary Smith

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  • Thanks so much! I looked at your church's website and there was lots of info. I think that it doesn't meet during the summer but we will defiantly go during the fall when it starts again. Thanks so much and good luck with your pregnancy.

                                                Mary Smith

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