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Anyone go to Garden State OBGYN and have a c-section?

Anyone go to Garden State OBGYN and have a c-section? This pregnancy I am having a c-section. I know there are a lot of doctors in the practice and I have liked everyone. But, I was wondering if anyone had a good or bad experience with a c-section so I know with whom i should schedule (or avoid scheduling) a c-section with?



Re: Anyone go to Garden State OBGYN and have a c-section?

  • I had a c-section with Dr. Mackey.  I didn't choose her but she happened to be on call when I needed an emergency c-section.  I had an easy c-section and a very quick recovery.

    I know the dr. at my 6 week checkup was impressed with how good my scar looked. 

    My only issue with my c-section was with the anesthesiologist, but that has nothing to do with Garden State. 


  • I have had 2 C-sections performed by Garden State.  The first one was performed by Dr. Colella and assisted by Dr. Articolo.   The 2nd C was performed by Dr. Mackey.  I was originally scheduled to have the 2nd C done by Dr. Steighner, but I ended up going into labor on my own, and Dr. Mackey was on call that night.

     by the way, you are going to LOVE the rooms as the new hospital.  They are big, and private and have very nice bathrooms.  I was only there for one night, but in that time it was nice. 

  • Thanks for the input. I ended up scheduling my c-section with Dr Rosen or Dr Ricce (I guess both are scheduled for that day). None of the doctors you mentioned were scheduled for the days that a c-section would work for us.

    I had my first DS at virtua in Voorhees and the experience was great. but I had to share a room and there wasn't a lot of privacy. A friend of mine went on the tour and described the room as hotel-like. Hopefully my stay will be relaxing.

  • My friend had a C Section with Dr. Ricci and had soo many great things to say about her. She loved her! I personally go to Articollo but am planning natural birth. (Although who knows what will happen!) I love the Dr's at Garden State so far! :) Good luck!
  • I'm also scheduling a c-section at Garden State. So glad you posted this! Lots of helpful info. Thanks, ladies! I personally have never met a Doctor kinder and more compassionate than Dr. Ricci:-) 
  • I ended up having to have a csection last minute back in june and DR. Ricci was so kind and comforting and did an amazing job, i just loved her and when we have more kids i will definitely try to schedule to be with her. All the Drs are very nice at GS but DR. Ricci def gets my vote as one of the top docs there. My scar looks great you can barely tell i had a section.
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