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new here.. question.

i'm looking for some support any advise would help..I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant, the father and i are not married, and i'm still in high school.. i know i'm young it was unplanned and very unexpected. I live with my parents and the father of the baby was involved at first. but his mother became very controlling with me. She told me i had to move out of my house with my parents and move in with her son and if i didn't she would make sure i never heard from him again. Then she'll stop the rant when he comes back in the room and wont mention anything in front of him. Last week i said i had decided that i want the baby to have my last name, and she said no that is my grandchild. It is to have the fathers last name and yelled at me over it. Then she decided to say she'd make sure he has no contact with me or the baby. Then the same day his mother texted me saying what is the sex of the baby i'm throwing a baby shower, I very politely told her that i did not want one and said thanks anyway.. and she through the biggest fit again saying he would not be in the baby's life as long as she's still alive. I talked to the father three days ago and explained what she's been doing and he said he'd talk to her about it. He knew i had an appt.yesterday and he's always there before i am, but he never showed up!  He then texted me later today and said he didn't want see me again and doesnt wanna see the baby nor have the paternity established. (sorry it's long)

Has anyone else had the mother break you guys up and make sure you wont be together?

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Re: new here.. question.

  • It sounds like he's still a child, and not ready to be a father yet. Prepare yourself to be a single mom. Honestly? I think staying together at such a young age would be a horrible idea. 

    However, he can't refuse to establish paternity. The courts will make sure of this. 




  • They never grow up. DH is 30 and hes still an ass. sounds like you better off without all that drama. make sure the baby has your last name. remember, we become mothers the second we get that BFP, guys dont get it til the watch that baby come out, and even then its half-assed.

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