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Looking for a Pediatrician affiliated with Touro

We are expecting our baby in Sept, and I am getting more nervous that I have not found a Pediatrician yet. The ones that I have been told about are associated with Oschner, but I would rather the doctor be connected to Touro than Oschner. Plus, Touro is a lot closer to where I live than Oschner. With my previous pregnancy and this one, both were handled at Touro and my fiance and I are both very happy with the care we have recieved at Touro. If anyone has any suggestions, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Re: Looking for a Pediatrician affiliated with Touro

  • Hales Pediatrics is popular and located right across from Touro Hospital.



  • pea-kaypea-kay
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    Hales is awesome but if your kids get admitted or sent to the ER, they'll send you to Children's. But yeah, it's right by Touro.
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    That's cause Touro and Children's merged and other than the nursery, Touro does not have any pediatrics services.
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    Hales Pediatrics is awesome. If you call their office and ask to speak with Shelley, she can set an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Hales. Their office is charming and looks like a nursery, but besides aesthetics, there are other great things going on there: they have a general waiting room for well children but if your child comes in and is potentially contagious, they take you right back to a private room so other children don't get infected. They also have a Saturday clinic for sick babies. They are a practice of 4 physicians and they share patients so you don't have to face waiting for days to see a doctor. They are appointment only and I did not have to wait at all to see someone for my appointment. They have a room with samples of formula so if you are contemplating trying something new, you can just go there and get it (free). I really really liked them and Dr. Hales was really nice about answering all my germophobic questions.

    If you want another suggestion, you might try Dr. Keith Perrin. He was my pediatrician and my sisters' and now he is my nephew's doctor. I did not choose him because he is in Metairie and I really don't like going to Metairie if I don't have to. But, he is awesome and has a good way with kids. 

    This is all fresh in my mind since my meeting was this past Monday! 

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