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Dumb Daycare/ Preschool ?

I know I could just call the school, but I'd rather make a fool of myself in front of you ladies Stick out tongue

Do any daycare's/ pre-school's/ MOD programs take credit cards?  My head is yelling the answer is no.  It would be fantastic if they did for the points we'd rack up though.

It's our first walk in the land of pre-school so I'm sure I'll have lots of other ridiculous questions for you ladies.


Re: Dumb Daycare/ Preschool ?

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    Ours does.  I actually need to go fill out the form to put it on our new card for the points, thanks for reminding me. 
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  • Mine doesn't so I think it depends on the school. 
  • Well in that case it's on my list of questions to ask.  I'd be giddy if they did.  This school stuff is spensive.
  • Ours doesn't and it's a PITA to remember to write a check every week.  I would love direct pay - especially from a cc that I coudl get points for!
  • Ours does and I never even thought about using a cc for the points. I just use our debit card each week. Sheesh.

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  • Mine does.

    And what's even better, my dependent care account is on a credit card too :)


  • Ours doesn't. It's not a daycare though, just a small church-based preschool. I have to remember to write a check at the end of every month, but it's not too big a deal. Would be awesome to get rewards for it though!


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  • Ours does, and I LOVE it b/c I pay $504/month and I rack up some damn good points that way :)  

  • We used to send Ian to Kids R Kids when he was an infant and they took credit cards.  None of the other daycares we've used have.
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