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Do I need a lawyer??

Im new to all of this and don't know much about how the system works.  My baby girl is due Sept 1st and her father and I have split up.  He is very difficult to deal with and refuses to really acknowledge the baby at all.  Im not a bitter ex out to get him at all and was willing to not even go through courts if we could agree on things ourselves.  He changes his mind daily and has stressed me to the point that we cant even communicate.

Since its obvious we are not going to solve anything ourselves i am looking into filing for child support.  He works under the table, doesnt file for taxes, and everything he has is in other peoples names ( cars, insurance, phones ect.)  My question is should i consider getting a lawyer or just file through the court system myself?  Has anyone else needed to hire a lawyer for c/s ect.



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Re: Do I need a lawyer??

  • I did it without a lawyer... if it is a straightforward request for CS you may not need one, since it's just a simple calculation.  

    Regarding the under the table stuff, someone here once posted that you can report him for tax evasion and get CS that way, but I am not sure I remember any of the details on that. 

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  • I know you can report the person whom he works for but I do not even know the mans full name.  Its just frusterating because where I live if the father doesnt have an income, which on paper he doesn't, than he is ordered to only pay 87 dollars a month.  Im not trying to get an unreasonable amount or try to get him to support my life, i just think that 87 a month doesnt even cover formula! 
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