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Can progesterone suppositories make you bleed?

My friend finally got pg after 2 years battling IF. She did 2 IUIs (failed) and finally got pg with her second IVF. She is 7w4d today.

She was injecting herself with progesterone (in addition to Lovenox) until Saturday, when her RE switched her to progesterone suppositories. 

She just called and is spotting red, obviously scared to death. 


Any chance the prog. sup. irritated her cervix enough to cause red spotting?

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Re: Can progesterone suppositories make you bleed?

  • I think they can make you spot.  As you know though, she should call her doctor.  I hope that everything's okay for her.
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  • Yes.  My doctor said that is why he prefers the shots.

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  • image Karen1998:
    I think they can make you spot.  As you know though, she should call her doctor.  I hope that everything's okay for her.

    She already called the RE. She's going in tomorrow for an u/s. I gave her the standard advice: lay down, lots of water, wear a pad to monitor amount of bleeding, if it gets bad, go to the ER. 

    She's having menstrual-like cramps too :(

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  • Yup, absolutely.  In fact, my RE was unconcerned about my spotting for this reason... and I spotted (sometimes a LOT of red) well into my second trimester.
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  • I had some spotting early on with Crinone.  Hope she's ok!

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  • Just T&P her way!
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  • Thanks, ladies. I'll update if I hear anything. I told her about your responses and she is grateful.
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  • I spotted like CRAZY with them...and when I went in, my doctor said I had an extremely sensitive cervix - one that bled with just a quick swipe of the swab!  T&Ps for your friend.  No matter what "causes" it, blood is scary!
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  • I spotted and bleed red with them.  But I didn't have cramps.  I didn't even bleed when I had a pap which was odd to me.  As soon as I started on the shots the bleeding stopped.  Best of luck to her!
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  • I don't think my bleeding this pregnancy was while I was on the progesterone, but for me if caused cramps.  I know that my doctor warned me that anytime that I stick something in my vag I would have the possibility of bleeding.  I hope that everything is ok with her!
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  • Lots of vibes her way.
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  • I think PPs covered it, just wanted to say I'm sending T&P to your friend.
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  • I hope she?s okay!

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  • I believe that if you insert progesterone with an applicator you have a greater chance of irritation/bleeding.  I did the suppositories without an applicator, which was kind of gross but no bleeding.  However, I did want to add that I had tons of cramping the entire time I was on the progesterone, which was til 10 1/2 or so weeks with this pregnancy.

    Many thoughts and prayers for your friend.

  • I'm so glad I found this forum.  It makes me feel better knowing other women have bled using the progesterone suppositories.  My sister had to take them with her pregnancy and never bled so I felt like there was something wrong with my pregnancy even though my doctor has told me I'm completely fine.  This just gave me some peace of mind :)
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