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Pearland Pre-school comparisons

Sorry for the vent.

My son is 19 months and has attended Kids R Kids.  We found out that Primrose was opening in West Pearland, so we thought it would be good for him to have a more "learning environment".  Nothing against Kids R Kids, but they were more of a daycare IMO.

Although I love how much my son is learning at Primrose....I am having issues with incidents at school.  He has been at Primrose for 7 months and has had 8 incident reports.  He has been bit on the arm and the back (breaking skin).  He has scratches all the time.  One time, a teacher snapped at him for not finishing his food fast enough (this was observed by mgmt and she was immediately let go.  school policy, we were told the next day what happened).  It has been so frustrating to pick up your child and feel that they are being beat up.  I am realistic enough to know that at this age, there will be some incidents.  But i just have to wonder, is it as many as this?  Is this acceptable?

The school keeps telling us that its "the age" and to continue to work with them and that it will get better.  We are thinking of switching, but worried that it would be the same somewhere else.  Do we wait it out?  We are also worried everyday that he is enjoying his time there and not feeling scared.

Main question was.....does anybody go to the Goddard School in Pearland?  Or The Goddard School in Houston? 

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