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PTing w/o a little potty chair?

Just wondering if anyone was able to successfully PT without getting a little potty chair?  We have an elmo insert for our toilet and a step stool for the girls and DH is really against going the way of the potty chair (he sees it as an uncessary step)...we aren't quite ready to start PTing...but I was just wondering if anyone had been successful w/o getting a chair?  thoughts? TIA.

Re: PTing w/o a little potty chair?

  • we have both a potty chair and potty ring and DD does her best work without either. She's better just holding on to the big potty
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  • We just tried PT with just a potty ring and, although DD had been sitting on it a few times a day for a couple months, she seemed anxious about it.  So, on the third day, we caved and got a potty chair for her, and she's doing a lot better.  I think it just depends on your LO.  There's no harm in trying.  
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  • if you live hear a Ikea you can buy one for less then $5 
  • Both my daughters like the big potty better. We're in the process of potty training the eldest, and she is doing pretty good with the insert and stool. I agree with your DH; I see the potty chair as kind of silly if your child is willing to go on the insert and finds it easy. Why bother? It's also a matter of modeling; you go on the big potty, so why shouldn't your little one? Especially when there are means for him or her to do so.
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  • In DD's DC they skip the potty. They do insert and stool, so I won't bother. They use the potty for doing activities, not the real thing.
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