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Rug and couch cleaning

How to you keep LO form pee's on rug and couch ?

And what is the best way to clean it?

We're planning on starting soon and was planning on just letting her have her big girl underwear on and take he to the bathroom every 20 min but I know she will have accidents.  

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Re: Rug and couch cleaning

  • maybe you want to put plastic everywhere..I just stocked up on some shout carpet cleaner and when were dont PTing I will be getting my carpets cleaned lol...also I found that there are fewer accident w/ my LO just going naked as oppose to underwear..but every kid is different...good luck!
  • I have filled those plastic ketchup/mustard containers you buy at the store (the empty plastic ones) with vinegar + water and put a bottle on every floor along with those white cheapy rags. We have three floors with toilets so I have a potty, cleaning supplies, extra underwear and stickers (rewards) on each. 

    I shy away from chemicals when possible - vinegar will neutralize and clean things up just fine. The vinegar smell will evaporate.

    When we are 'done' or when he finally gets it without a lot of accidents I'll have the carpets/rugs/furniture professionally cleaned.  

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