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Slip and fall induced labor

I was 37 weeks along when I slipped and fell on my butt in our living room Tuesday afternoon.  Half and hour later I started to feel kinda sick and was having cramps, so my DH called and asked if we should come in, they said yes and so I spent Tuesday night in observation and a lot of pain. They did some blood tests because I am a negative blood type with the Rh factor, and they found some of the baby's blood in my system so they decided to help my labor along with some pitocin. I was admitted and hooked up to pitocin by 9 am Wednesday morning and my baby girl was born at 9:37 that night. Labor went as well as I could have hoped for and she was born at 6lbs 3 oz. She is healthy and perfect, DH and I are still trying to get used to the fact that our little girl is here!!!



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