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Maine-ah Born and raised!

Hello all,  

So I am definately new at this.  I'm from Maine, born and raised in Jay, then moved to New Vineyard, Outside Farmington.  My husband is in the USAF, so currently we are living in Italy, but I will be coming home very shortly and will be home with family throughout my whole pregnancy.  8weeks so far and Due the end of Dec.  Unfortunately my husband is being deployed so he is going to miss most of the pregnancy, if not all of it... But if there is anyone out there that is due around the same time and wants to chat i would greatly appreciate it.  Ive had one misscarriage 4 months ago and I worry every day that it will happen again, so I kinda just want to see how others were feeling to make sure Im right on track. 

Well Congratulations to all you new Mommies!!! 


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Re: Maine-ah Born and raised!

  • Small world! I'm from New Sharon!

    Sorry about your husband being away, I can imagine that's hard. I'm not pregnant or anything but if you need someone to talk to, I'd surely lend an ear.
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