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9 month old gasping/wheezing on purpose?

DD makes a lot of funny wheezy, gaspy breathing noises - but it seems they are intentional and for attention. She does it when she is crawling around, pulling up. She will make funny gaspy sounds and then turn look at us and smile/laugh. She doesn't seem to be in distress, lethargic, exerting herself or turning blue etc.....She breathes normally when sleeping and is now sitting and playing and hasn't made the sounds....is this normal and for getting attention (like "mommy, daddy - look at what I'm doing!)?...is she just testing out her vocal cords? it is weird and unnerving....


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Re: 9 month old gasping/wheezing on purpose?

  • DS did something similiar around the age of 1 1/2 .  I eve took him to the docs cause I was nervous!  She looked at me and said 'hun, he's totally faking it".  If you are really worried then I would see the doc, but from what you said, it sounds like she is just beiing silly with the new sound she can make!
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  • The first time DD did it I freaked out.  After a bit I realized she was doing it just to hear the noises her throat could make.  I'm sure it's fine, but if you're really worried, get it checked out to make yourself feel better.


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  • Yeah, Anna does it too sometimes....she takes in a huge gasp of air and it makes my heart stop. But she doesn't do it as much as she used to. Hopefully she is growing out of it!
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  • Yes, DD does this too. She has days she does it alot then won't do it for a while. She totally thinks it's funny..... not so funny when she's eating and tries it!
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