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Potty Training

What's the next step?

Jana will pee sometimes when I take her and will tell me sometimes that she needs to go. Very often she will tell me that she has just gone. I know that is normal. Actually a lot of the time she has just gone, but will go some more when on the potty. Is this just the normal progression or can I do something to help her?
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Re: What's the next step?

  • I would just stop putting her in diapers.  The first day is hard and you have to stay by them, they have lots of accidents but you just keep up the positive reinforcement, encouragement to use the potty etc and they catch on quickly.  It's a ripping off the band-aid approach but it works very well.  We did that and I couldn't be more proud of my little guy  ;)
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  • Do you mean naked baby? Or undies? We try "big girl panties" with the same result. Right now she's running around in her pocket diapers with no insert. So the same I figure, only waterproof for carpet/furniture.
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