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TTC After a Loss 6 Months+

Messages from the grave. Or just a really old TTCALer

Hey guys, I'm suprised (and a little sad) to see some familiar names around these parts. Quick history, I had an early MC in '08 then an ectopic, lost a tube. Had no luck for around a year and then went on BC for the next year. We're thinking of hopping back into the game sometime soon. I don't know if gimpers (my remaining tube) is even open/unblocked but I'm doing a HSG sometime soon to find out. 

Just wanted to holla back at my TTCAL ladies. To all the (relative) newbies :) hello!! 

Since I feel like I don't know anybody anymore feel free to ask me a million questions. Or two. Honeybadger don't care.

(well shiznit, my old avatar is gone. Time to find something awesome) 

oh please. not KU. effed up.

Re: Messages from the grave. Or just a really old TTCALer

  • omg milk literally came out my nose at the honeybadger comment. 


    welcome back (I am a newbie) sorry about your struggles. 

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  • Welcome back.  I hope that your stay here is more pleasant than what you had to go through last time.
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  • Thanks guys! I've been lurking for a while now so I feel like I know some of you (sorta) newbies already. Haha. 
    oh please. not KU. effed up.
  • Welcome back


    image 3 IUI's all BFN

    IVF#1 BFN IVF#2 BFP, loss at 19 weeks FET#1 BFN IVF#3 BFP, m/c FET#2 BFN

    Missing our twins Zachary and Madison, lost at 19 weeks on 11/13/09, edd 4/9/10

    BFP 7/17/10, m/c 7/25/10, edd 3/25/11

    Ectopic, lost left tube 4/20/11, edd 12/6/11

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  • Whoa. Excuse me while I recover from this blast from the past :p
  • Welcome back and nice to meet you!

    PGAL/PAL Welcome


  • ((ticker warning))

    Super! It's good to see you and hear that you're back in. All the best, girl! 

    Oh, Baby Bean! We will always miss you! With us for 6w3d -- June 9, 2008.
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    2 years of TTC, Seeing RE Feb 09, 2 medicated TI cycles - BFNs, 3 medicated IUIs - BFNs, back to medicated TI cycles until IVF approval, IVF approved in March 2010. BFP on last medicated TI cycle.
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  • Welcome back. It's nice to meet you.

    BFP#1 {Cashew} - 9.19.09 EDD 5.26.10
    The day you first lay in my arms, you made my life complete.
    Aurora Rose born sleeping at 35w on 4-21-10
    BFP#2 {Almond} - 2.1.11 EDD 10.12.11 C/P 2.11.11

  • suntotosuntoto member
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    Aw... Super it is so good to see you again! 
    Forever buddy to Angelica; Natural Miscarriage Jan. 2008 @ 11 weeks; 2 years of BFFN's; DX: Unexplained IF (RE thinks IF is due to tubal issues); IUI #1 & 2= BFFN; IUI#3 = BFP, resulted in Cornual ectopic pregnancy; IUI #4 - 6 =BFFN; Our next endeavor... IVF. 1 grade AA embryo transferred on 4-23-2011 and 5 frosties. BFP Abby born 1/5/2012

  • Honeybadger is a real ba$tard, which kind of makes honeybadger my homie. Hi!

    And gimpers? Love it. I hope it can pull off a shazaamarama fertilization party up in there.

    12 long, hard years of TTC-
    Miscarriages, losses, lots of treatments & drugs & IVF

    Natural BFP (WTF?!) - 06/04/11 ~ lots of complication and drama, but sweet baby Adele born 02/07/12!

    BFP #million -another girl for us! EDD - 05-08-15 (but will come early)

  • lunatwolunatwo member
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    Hey stranger!  I'm both happy and sorry to see you here!  (You know what I mean)
    4/08 BFP resulted in m/c
    8/08 BFP resulted in m/c
    3/09 Polyp removed and dx MTHFR (both copies)
    6 Clomid cycles, all BFN
    5/09 IUI#1 with Clomid=BFN
    6/09 IUI#2 with Clomid=BFN
    8/09 IUI#3 with Clomid=BFN
    IVF#1 = BFN
    IVF#2 = BFN
    IVF#3 ET 2 Grade A blasts 11/16/11
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    Beta #2: 2,495
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  • Welcome back!

    BFP 12/18/2009. HB 1/4/2010. NO HB 1/18/2010. D&C 1/19/2010
    April 2011 IUI #1 BFN. High FSH and other issues.
    May 2011 Chose to build our family through adoption
    September 2011 Actively waiting for a match
    11/26/11 Surprise BFP * DD born 7/23/12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Heya Luper!  Sorry you have to still be stuck in this place but... welcome back!

    Full TTC journey in profile.

    IVF#3 - BFP 7/21/11. Twins - TWO GIRLS!! We welcomed Cora and Olivia to our family on March 5th, 2012.

    "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."

  • image lunatwo:
    Hey stranger!  I'm both happy and sorry to see you here!  (You know what I mean)

    THIS exactly! Hiya Super!!

  • CaroleeCarolee member
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    Welcome back!  I'm a newbie too.
    Mom to Eliott Alexander, born sleeping at 37 weeks on 8/13/10. Most of us only dream of angels - I held one in my arms.
    BFP #2 - EDD 2/26/12 M/C 6/28/11 @ 5w2d
    BFP #3 - EDD 4/7/12 M/C 8/2/11 @ 4w2d
    Too beautiful for this earth
    BFP #4 - EDD 12/09/12, Lucille arrived 11/26/12
  • image lunatwo:
    Hey stranger!  I'm both happy and sorry to see you here!  (You know what I mean)

    This exactly.

    Welcome back girl!

  • Welcome back! 
    BFP #1 - m/c at 8w
    BFP #2 - DS - Aug '06

    BFP #3 - m/c - discovered at 11w3d
    BFP #4 - DS Jan '12
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    Sending tons of love and luck to my Hopeful Bloom buddies--Carolee (BFP!), JohnnysJune (Baby Emma is here - 6/12!) and Schmeell25 (Baby Emma is here - 6/12!).
  • Welcome back, I'm a newbie too!
    BFP 3/29/10 - No Heartbeat at 9.5 wks - Natural m/c 5/4/10
    Forever in our hearts our baby

    DS Born 05/14/2012!!

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  • Olive44Olive44 member
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    Welcome back!

    TTC #1 - Oct. 2009

    BFP 12.13.09 D&C 8w3d

    Lap Nov. 2010 - endo removed

    IVF w/ ICSI#1 - March 2011 - BFN

    FET#1- June 2011 - BFP 7.1.11 - M/C - D&C 9w3d

    8/10 - RPL testing: Hetero MTHFR discovered

    IVF #2 - Sept 2011 - BFP

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  • Luper, hey!  Hope all is well.  
    4 early losses 2009, 2010, 2015.  Baby #1 born 2/13/11.  
  • HEY!!


    (Also, honeybadgers are fierce.  I watched one take out a muthaeffin' COBRA.  It bit him.  Killed him.  2 hours later he woke up and came back to life and gnawed on the cobra's corpse. ) 

  • It's good to meet you! Best of luck to you.
    BFP #1: 5/3/10 Natural MC: 5/11/10 BFP #2: 3/24/11 C/p: 3/29/11 BFP #3: 5/17/11 C/P: 5/20/11 BFP #4: 11/13/11 Daisypath Anniversary tickersImage and video hosting by TinyPic imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic ~*~Congrats to my TTCAL buddies toshbosh233 & clairenmonique, EDDs 4/2011; bekahjen, EDD 5/2011; MCH77, EDD 7/2011; HokieMomma, EDD 8/2011; shanna82, EDD 9/2011; Rachel4127, EDD 10/2011~*~
  • Luper!  So good to see you.
    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!
    April 2011 CP @ 5 weeks
  • Hi!!! I hope your HSG goes well! I'm happy yet sad to see you here!
    TTC Since Oct 08 BFP #1- 1/23/09, missed m/c 2/26/09 BFP #2- 9/8/09, natural m/c 9/16/09 BFP #3- 4/13/10, missed m/c 5/26/10 BFP #4- 4/6/11 beta#1 at 12dpo-133 prog-55.7, beta#2 at 16dpo- 861 DD born 12/8/2011 BFP#5- 11/23/12 EDD 7/25/13 Dx- Uterine septum (removed Aug 2010), endo, MTHFR C677t hetero, Factor II hetero, Low Protein S Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Hey!  I remember you and am happy (and a little sad) to see you on here again! 



    BFP#1 10/19/09, m/c 12/5/09, BFP#2 2/03/12, m/c 2/12/12, BFP#3 3/18/13, LO born 11/22/13

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