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my OB referred me to RMA of michigan after one cycle of clomid. wondering what to expect. anyone have any experiances with this office. any feedback would be great thanks!

TTC since July 2010 1st round of clomid Apr 2011=BFN May 2011 trying on our own=BFN June 2011 cancelled due to cyst July 2011 hoping to get back on track this month!
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  • I don't have experience with RMA of Michigan, I am however going through IVF Michigan. I understand the uncertainty and confusion of everything.Once everything starts it seems to be going very quickly though.  Good Luck with everything!!



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    I love RMA, we did 2 IUI cycles there, for us it didn't work because my cycles were off (I only had 1 tube at the time and actually got pregnant on my own between our 2nd cycle and what was to be our 3rd cycle) but they are they caring, wonderful people there.  Also, if you or your h have flex spending check in advance to see if they take yours.  I was able to use my flex spending there and it's such a big help of it being a portion taken out of your work check instead of the full amount being due each time.  GL!
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  • No experience with RMA but I've BTDT in terms of fertility treatment. If you want to PM me, feel free!

    Good luck!!!

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  • I went to RMA and seen Dr. Wolf and loved her.  We had a IUI once and it worked.  We now have a 4month old baby.  We already have appointment in July to talk to Dr. Wolf about our next IUI. 
  • I had a totally different experience with Dr. Mersol Barg. I really did not care for him and a few of his nurses were horrible: Very uncaring and rude. They even called me on the DAY I found out I was not pregnant to remind me I still owed them money (which I actually didn't, it was their mistake).

    They overcharged us on several occasions, messed up test results and proceeded with an IVF that was never going to work (after I had other, better doctors review my blood work).

    Sorry, but I think you can do MUCH better than Mersol Barg. 

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