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Potty Training

pull-ups at night or overnight diaper?

we're starting to potty train DD this week with the help of daycare, but once we start, should we take all the diapers away altogether as to not confuse her or still use one at night?
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Re: pull-ups at night or overnight diaper?

  • DD just started wearing panties last Wednesday and we are still using diapers for naps and nighttime.  She still wakes up wet, so I don't feel like she is ready.  Last night she did wake up at 2:30 and told us she needed to go potty, so I think she might be moving in the right direction though.  I bought some overnight pull-ups today and plan to use those the next few days hoping to phase them out completely.
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  • we're sticking to overnights. I have a full pack left, and I flat out refuse to buy into the pull-ups thing. We're not working on night training right now as it is. We just started calling them night pants instead of night diapers. 
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