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Elective Ultrasounds

Does anyone know of a place to get an an early ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby? I'm in Birmingham but would drive an hour or so. We had our NT Scan on Monday (baby looked healthy!) and the tech guessed that we're having a girl (she was about 75% sure) but obviously it's still very early, so I'm trying not to get too attached to the idea.

I don't need it to be 3D/4D... I was just hoping to find somewhere that performs sex determination ultrasounds around 15-16 weeks. I'm feeling so impatient and I don't want to wait until my anatomy scan to find out for sure!


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Re: Elective Ultrasounds

  • MissLMSMissLMS member

    I'm not sure about Birmingham, but I believe there is one in Jasper, which is about an hour away.

     We actually had an early/elective u/s done in Russellville when I was visiting my family in Florence. But, that might be too far for you to drive!

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  • StefB28StefB28 member

    Thanks for the response! I think the place in Jasper won't do them before 20 weeks & my anatomy scan will be around 18-20 weeks. Virginia College also does them (for free!) between 18-28 weeks. I'm so impatient-- I was hoping to find somewhere that does them between 14-16 weeks. I may just have to work on my patience! Smile

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  • The one in Russellville does them that early but I didn't know if that was too far for you to drive.
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