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? for the EP moms

I have over 400 ozs of milk stashed in the freezer right now, and usually pump just over 40 oz per day.  I assume that he may not drink as much milk once solids are introduced. 

How much do babies at 6 months and up usually drink on a daily basis?

I'm trying to figure out a time frame for when I need to stop pumping, but I want to make sure I have enough on hand.  I was originally aiming at stopping when he was 7 months old.

What's your thoughts? opinions?

ETA: I was just going to email you Sheila, but though others might have the same question and benefit from this :)

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Re: ? for the EP moms

  • I'll respond here :)  Haha!

    Once Gabe hit 6mo (we introduced solids at 3mo, I don't want anyone to respond to this, it was a decision we reached with our pedi) and was eating a significant amt of solids he was drinking 24oz of milk a day, and he typically still did up until recently.  He's down to about 18oz/day right now at 11mo.  I waited to stop pumping when he was 8mo, but to be honest, I could have quit when he was 6mo.  I had close to 5000oz frozen though.  What I did was I used 30oz as my "estimate".  That way if he drank less I would be covered, KWIM?  He's 26 days away from his 1st birthday and I still have a deep freezer full and I know I will be able to give him bm until 18mo at least.

    Make sure you calculate what you have accurately.  It's a PITA, but it will ensure you know how much you have.  Also, as you drop pumps your supply will eventually plummet.  Mine did once I was only pumping 3x/day, so just something to keep in mind when you are estimating.  At that point AF returned (so 7mo pp) and my supply took a nosedive and never went back up.  I was only pumping 16-18oz/day when Gabe was eating 24oz/day.  I held on until the 8mo mark and then stopped.

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