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Almost delivered at home on accident!

I never shared mine from DD#2 and it was a pretty crazy one.  I got checked on a Monday (Dec. 13) @ 34w5d because I was supposed to be going home for Christmas a couple of hours away.  Unfortunately, I was already dilating and thinning (3-4cm, 75% effaced) and my doctor told me he REALLY didn't think I should be leaving.  I spent that night and most of the day Tuesday in the bathtub with mild contractions and general uncomfortableness (Did I make up that word?). 

Wednesday morning rolled around and about 3am I got back into the bathtub.  My husband was supposed to be going duck hunting that morning with my doctor - he's a family friend.  Around 5ish, I got out of the bathtub and tried to get back in the bed.  DH's alarm went off to get up and he heard me getting back into bed.  He asked if I was okay and I said yes, just the same old contractions.  They weren't getting any stronger or any closer together and I could definitely talk through them.  DH asked if I wanted him to ask my doctor to stop by.  I said no, maybe after they got finished duck hunting.  He got up and started getting ready to leave.  I suddenly had a contraction in my back that hurt terribly.  I changed my mind and had DH call my doctor and ask him to stop by.  DH kept getting ready to go duck hunting like nothing was going on.  Doctor stopped by and came in and I told him I was exhausted and hadn't slept in 2 days.  He checked me and said..."Yep - you're about 8cm."  to which I said, "That's not funny."  Then he said, "I'm serious - get up and get ready!  We've gotta go to the hospital!  You're having a baby today!"  I instantly started crying.  Ha!  I was so tired!

We called MIL who lives about a mile down the road (thankfully) who came to stay with DD1.  We hopped in the car and took off.  We live in the country about 25min from town - YIKES!  I just knew I was going to have that baby in the car.  I was still talking and laughing in the car and my contractions weren't bad, really.  DH looked over at me and said, "Happy Anniversary!"  Our sweet girl was going to be born on our anniversary!  :)

I got to the hospital and I got the epidural (I can handle the contractions - but I have no desire to feel that baby come out!) and waited about 30min.  The nurse came in to check me and just stuck her hand down there and then got up and left.  I asked DH, "Did she check me?"  He said, "Yeah."  I said, "Hmm, I didn't feel a thing and my epi isn't really that strong.  I kind of feel like I need to push."  DH got up to tell someone in the hallway and he was met at the door with a crowd of people.  When he turned around he said, "Holy cow - there's her head!"  Talk about a surprise!  I didn't even know she was crowning!  About 10 seconds and one push later, my sweet baby girl was born!  I was so nervous she wouldn't be breathing on her own at 35 weeks, but thankfully she was! After a couple of bumps in the road we got our breastfeeding on track and we've all been doing great ever since! 

The entire experience was so different from my labor & delivery with DD1.  It's crazy how different it can be from one to another!


  • DD1: August 2009
  • DD2: December 2010
  • DS: August 2012
  • M/C 9/2013, 12/2013 
  • DD3: October 2014 - April 2015 Miss you baby girl.
  • Current Due date:  April 14, 2016
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Re: Almost delivered at home on accident!

  • I can only hope my labor and delivery are as near painless as yours!  Thanks for sharing!
  • I hope my second pregnancy is that easy!
  • I know all about having such different experiences!! With DS I was pushing for almost 4 hours and had to have a ton of stiches, but with DD I pushed for only 7 minutes and she was out and had no stiches!!! Congrats on your new little girl!!!



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