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A sibling for Felix

Okily, the usual... No gender yet but totally enjoying putting lists together. I don't have too much trouble with boy's names but I have awful trouble with girl's. I am open to all suggestions and would like to critique responses to give you better ideas of what I like and don't, please don't be offended if I don't like your options :)

Okay, I'm updating this top list based on suggestions to make life easier! A little more info. I'm Irish, DH is Kiwi. I'm sort of anti British names. Not all of them, I think Charlotte is beautiful, just as a loose generalisation. I'm also not a fan of "American" names, again, loose generalisation. :) I'm loving the suggestions. Some names I do like but have left out due to negative associations or friends.

Here's what I like:


  • Dexter
  • Oisin
  • Cassius
  • Atticus
  • Zephyr (vague acquaintance named her dog this Hmm
  • Axel (also dog name Confused )
  • Orion
  • Alistair


  •  Beatrix
  • Juno
  • Arabella (niece is Isabella so any belle is out)
  • Persephone (possibly too "out there")
  • Eulalie
  • Maeve
  • Bridgit
  • Niamh
  • Celeste (something not quite right about this but feel it's close? Anything similar?)
  • Helene
Aaaaaaand go....

Re: A sibling for Felix

  • First of all I love Felix!

    • Dexter - love, but not sure about both names with an x...that might bug me
    • Oisin - no, I don't care for this but I do like Oren or Orion
    • Cassius - okay
    • Atticus - like
    • Zephyr (vague acquaintance named her dog this Hmm )  - no
    • Axel (also dog name Confused ) - no way


    •  Beatrix - no, don't care for it with Felix
    • Juno - love, also love June (or Juniper, nn June)
    • Arabella (niece is Isabella so any belle is out) - no
    • Persephone (possibly too "out there") - like it a lot
    • Eulalie - do you pronounce it you-lay-lee? I like it

    Other ideas: boys- Simon, Penn, Alisdair, Rhys, Rowan

    girls- Sabrina, Hazel, Magnolia (Maggie), Maeve, Bridget

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  • 1st - I love the name Felix Smile

    2nd - I kind of like Dexter, Oisin, Atticus, & Arabella from your lists.

    Here are a few suggestions: 

    Boy: Roman, Lucian, Ulysses, Ross, Jarrett, Oscar, Otis, Titus, Thaddeus, Miles, Calvin, Conrad

    Girl: Cordelia, Aurora, Lena/Lina, Veda/Vayda, Mila, Isolde, Imogen, Clarissa, Rosalie, Molly, Helena, Luna, Felicity

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  • We have friends that had Zephyr picked out as a girl or boy name.  They ended up having a boy, but I have also heard of girl Zephyrs.  The name seemed really strange to me at first, but now I'm used to it.

    I also like Cassius and Atticus.  

    For girl names I like Beatrix and Persephone.  I think Eulalie is more "out there" than Persephone.  It makes me think of ululate.

  • For boys you might like:
    Miles, Leo, Everett, Lawrence, Roger, Harvey, Arlo, Desmond, Rocco, Henry, Sebastian

    For girls you might like:
    Cosette, Colette, Ingrid, Adele, Flora, Isadora, Wren

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  • Love atticus

    Love Maeve, Celeste, Arabella,andBridgit

  • imageRuby_Soho:


    • Dexter --it's alright
    • Oisin --I think most ppl will have trouble with it
    • Cassius --I like it
    • Atticus --guilty pleasure name
    • Zephyr --my cousin's gf has a dog named this also, so I think dog and RPGs
    • Axel --NMS; maybe too many x's with Felix?
    • Orion --I like it, but wouldn't use it
    • Alistair --I like it


    • Beatrix --NMS at all; neither is Beatrice; I don't get the appeal...
    • Juno --I love it
    • Arabella --NMS
    • Persephone --I LOVE this name also; I've thought about it as a mn; it might be too "out there" for a fn
    • Eulalie --reminds me of ukelele
    • Maeve --not a fan
    • Bridgit --I like it, but this spelling seems harsh
    • Niamh --I love this name; I don't think most people will be able to pronounce it correctly the first time, and may have a hard time remembering the spelling
    • Celeste --bad personal association; Celestine or Estelle?
    • Helene --I like it, as long as it has a French pronunciation, and not just like Helen

    Some other options?

    Girls: Isis, Sybil, Luna, Minerva, Hermione

    Boys: Lucius, Apollo, Mars, Horatio, Odin

  • I love Eulalie! The Eu- names haven't gotten much love around here lately, so I wanted to chime in my support. See also Euphemia and Eugenia.
  • Here's what I think would work well.  


    • Dexter
    • Axel- this was actually the first name that popped into my head when I saw the subject line of the thread!
    • Alistair- I love this one. 


    •  Juno
    • Arabella
    • Persephone
    • Helene
  • I love the name Felix. My favorites from your list are Cassius, Atticus, Arabella, Maeve and Bridgit. 

    I also like Dexter and Beatrix, but continuing with the "x" theme would bug me. Perhaps Beatrice would be a good alternative?

    I also suggest:

    Oscar, Walter, Byron, Cormac, Vincent, Ephraim,  Marigold, Edith, Minerva, Calliope, Simone 

  • Boys

    • Dexter- Like it, But I think it may shoot up in popularity soon.
    • Oisin-  No
    • Cassius- Yes
    • Atticus- Yes
    • Zephyr)No 
    • Axel No
    • Orion Yes
    • Alistair No


    •  Beatrix- Yes -but Beatrix and Felix are to rhymie
    • JunoYes
    • ArabellaNo
    • PersephoneNo
    • Eulalie No
    • Maeve Yes
    • Bridgit No
    • Niamh Yes
    • Celeste (something not quite right about this but feel it's close? Anything similar?) No
    • Helene Yes
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  • jlhook0jlhook0 member

    I like Cassius and Axel for boys. For girls, I like Arabella best.

    Other suggestions:



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  • Dexter - like he and his brother share an x in their names

    Favorite girl name - Arabella

    Juno named ruined by the movie

    other ideas Riona, Fallon, Aurelia, Lucretia (Spartacus fan)

  • I love Dexter and Maeve. If dd was a boy she would have been Dexter.
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    • Dexter - I like. It's got the nerdy chic thing going for it. Nice X symmetry with Felix
    • Oisin - I think it's a little too Gaelic and the pronunciation will be slaughtered
    • Cassius - Not a fan
    • Atticus - I think this is great with Felix as well
    • Zephyr - Yuck. Please don't. It sounds like you time-traveled to the 60s
    • Axel - Not a fan
    • Orion - Again, time travel to the 60s.
    • Alistair - Very british, but I like it. Not as good with Felix.


    •  Beatrix - LOVE. This was on our list. Also fantastic with Felix
    • Juno - Not a fan. I am not a huge fan of such an overt goddess name
    • Arabella - Gorgeous. Also a great name with Felix
    • Persephone - Again with the goddesses. No.
    • Eulalie - Eh, too out there for me. I don't like the sound.
    • Maeve - Pretty, and ok with Felix, but not my favorite
    • Bridgit - OK, I'm eh.
    • Niamh - I love Gaelic names but it's not my favorite
    • Celeste - Eh.
    • Helene - I might like this better as Helena.
    My favorite combinations with Felix: Dexter, Atticus, Beatrix and Arabella.

  • ObLaDiObLaDi member

    we have similar taste! i particularly love dexter, atticus, juno, persephone. previous posters have already mentioned a lot of my other suggestions.

     similar to persephone, how about demeter?

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  • Oh, you ladies are fabulous. Right, I'm currently going through all the names suggested and updating my babynames.com list. I'll be back to update in a while. In the meantime, keep suggestions coming if you want  Smile
  • There was a popular Canadian TV show called Road to Avonlea (took place in early 1900s) with a character named Felix.  I love many of the names in the show, so here are some of Felix's family and friends.




















    From your list, I like Alistair, Maeve, Beatrice (Beatrix is too much with Felix), Eulalie, Bridgit, and Celeste.


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