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Recommend your RE in NYC...

I need the recommendation of a good RE in NYC..preferably someone who is kind and has good bedside manner and doesn't operate a cattle call type of a place. 

 Please let me know if you have seen a good RE and if you had success with them!  Thx. 

Re: Recommend your RE in NYC...

  • JillAlyJillAly member

    I think Dr. Davis at Cornell is fantastic - but if you dont' want a cattle call place, then he won't fit your requirements.

    I went to a RE who I adored - and I got pregnant so of course I'm happy with her.  I was a tough case and she held my hand the entire time and was a real cheering - rah, rah-we can do this- kind of RE.   I went to Cornell to have my 2nd child only becasue they took my insurance for part of it and it is so expensive.  However, I was miserable at Cornell after having gone to such a warm RE who was so hands on and did everything herself.  When you walk into her office, everyone knows you- it's definitely not a cattle call!  Here is her info

    Dr. Cecelia Schmidt-Sarosi 

    She's at 67th between Park and Lex


    3 IUI's and 2 IVF's later- Brady arrived. Born at 36 weeks after PUPPS and pre-e/HELLP.
    IUI- BFN IVF #1 -BFP! Allie is our 2nd IVF baby. Born at 36 1/2 weeks after pre-e again
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  • i saw dr. choi at columbia (broadway and 57th), i liked all the docs and nurses ... but it is totally a cattle call.  i think it would be very hard to find an intimate RE in nyc. 
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  • Unfortuneatley I don't have someone to recommend but I have someone that should NOT be used.


    Dr Peter Chang from Beth Israel in Union Sq treated me for a couple cycles (unsuccessful) and I had the worst experience with him . He is unprofessional, bad bedside manners and I was smarter than he was!

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  • LOVE LOVE dr. Jeffrey Braverman. He is in LI though, but he sees patients in the city as well ( at dr Batzofin's office). He is the most knowledgeable and humaine dr in NYC!
  • I went to Dr. Grunfeld at RMA in Manhattan.  Although I ended up getting pg naturally, Dr. Grunfeld was great and so was all of the staff.  They have a lot of patients but I wouldn't consider it a cattle call.  Everything was run really efficiently and wait times were kept to a minimum - this is important because you're going to be going there a lot for monitoring. Before RMA, I went to Dr. Gleicher at the Center for Human Reproduction, also in Manhattan, and I would not recommend him or the place.  He prescribed what I thought was an unnecesarily aggressive course of treatment, he had a bad bedside manner and the place was pretty disorganized.  The only good thing I could say about it was that it was pretty intimate (located in a brownstone). 
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  • Dr. Daniel Stein at Continuum Reproductive Center is wonderful. He is attentive, kind, thorough, no-nonsense, honest, and is quite a calming force. The office is well run and organized. My husband and I had an excellent experience there. We were quite lucky that our infertility issues were simple--we were able to become pregnant on the first try with the mildest of interventions. However, I have complete confidence that Dr. Stein would be wonderful for more complicated and long term treatment cases. The practice is associated with St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital. Here's the link:
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