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No stretch marks until AFTER delivery?!

I went my whole pregnancy with what I thought was NO stretch marks!  I was quite emotional watching my body gain weight and transform during pregnancy but held some positive hope with the non-appearance of stretch marks.

BUT now...2 1/2 weeks after my baby was born - boom, stretch marks across my mid-section.  I am so upset. Perhaps if I had months to get use to them it would be easier but I thought I was in the clear.

I haven't found much about this happening online except for 

1. they could appear during the pregnancy weight loss...I guess as the weight comes off the skin still initially hangs causing the skin to stretch?

2. I could have had them during pregnancy but bc the skin was stretched could have not seen them until the pressure is off the skin?

Anyone else experience this?


Re: No stretch marks until AFTER delivery?!

  • Yup. I didn't have stretch marks, or atleast were not visible, during my pregnancy.  But as soon as I had my baby, there they were. I've been using Palmer's Firming Butter and that seems to be working.
  • This happened to me too. WTF, our bodies have played a cruel, cruel joke on us.
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  • right there with you, i thought i hit the jack pot with zero stretch marks while i was pregnant, not 2 and a half weeks after the baby is born, i have 2 small ones on my stomach, barely noticeable and then i have a bunch on my upper leg. i have no idea why it happened, but it did, and it makes me pretty sad. lol.
  • Same here. I went to the hospital at 40+ weeks pregnant with not a stretch mark on my belly. They all came after the baby. I think for me it was because I had a 10lb baby without gaining much weight and my belly got small really quick because I was all baby.

    Honestly, I hate to scare you, but I kept finding new ones up until about 6 weeks PP, so you still may get more. :(

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    I had a few little dots of stretch marks when DS was still an inside kid. After he was born, I noticed a full-blown belt of stretch marks around my stomach. They are also on my inner thighs and (strangely enough) on the insides of my knees. I blame the ones on my legs from astronomical swelling caused by high BP. They are slowly fading.
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  • I noticed some on my pp belly after a few weeks.  I figured I just didn't see them because they were under my belly.  I don't see them any more though, so I don't know what the deal is.  


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  • same here. came home from the hospital and about a week later viola! a bunch of then... the worst part is I had no stretch marks on my boobs, but everyday I have more. they look like a freakin road map now. it's disgusting! you'd think at 6 weeks it would stop... but then again I guess when my milk came in they did grow considerably
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  • My stretch marks are horrible, at my 29 week u/s the tech said mine were the worst she ever saw. And now that I am getting smaller at 8 weeks pp, I think I am still getting new ones.

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  • Yep. I didn't have any stretch marks until after I delivered.
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  • Same thing happened to me. Thought I was in the clear and then about 2 weeks after there they were!
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  • My LO is 2 1/2 weeks and I feel like I see a new one everyday. I only had a few on the sides and now they are on my upper legs, butt and the front of my stomach. boo. 
  • Mine came in after delivery. I had some during but now they see bright and angry :(

  • Happened to me too! I cried every time I looked in the mirror for weeks. I did get stretch marks on my boobs when I was pregnant and they very quickly faded so I'm just holding on to hopw that they will stop being bright purple and fade to a almost unnoticeable whiteish color soon!
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  • Same here. Thought I made it home free.. whole pregnancy, not one stretch mark. Then, about two weeks after coming home from the hospital.. BAM! A big patch of them all across my lower tummy! Hubby said maybe due to losing weight really fast after pregnancy.. I didn't really "lose" weight though, I just didn't gain a lot while pregnant, so afterwards my body just sort of went back to how it was before.. So I don't know, how much did you gain while pregnant? Maybe this happens when you don't gain a lot while pregnant.. your skin stretches in pregnancy, but then snaps back after birth, and thats what is causing them to appear- afterwards..?


  • @NewMrsMacC‌ I gained almost 100lbs with ds and didn't get visible stretch marks until he was 3 weeks old lol my best guess for op is just that everybody's body is different :)
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