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How about we try another check in?

How is everyone doing in general and how are those little babies cooking?
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Re: How about we try another check in?

  • The lil' bun is awesome, healthy, well and wiggling like he's doin' footloose. But Mamma's about to get homicidal. If I hear one more "...because you're pregnant" I'm gonna be in the news. "You can't/shouldn't _____ ... because you're pregnant", or "Oh its just ...because you're pregnant", and "You're emotional ...because you're pregnant." It's got nothing to do with the fact that you're annoying and/or generally rude, no, its ...because I'm pregnant.

    And all the "Well you're pregnant so you must be: sleepy, hungry, upset, cramping, bloated, having indigestion..." and/or anything else that is even remotely related to pregnancy. Unless I specifically say "I'm ____", stuff it.

    "You should sit down, working out isn't good for the baby". You know what isn't good for the baby? Mom going to jail because you were too pesky to zip it. I'm about to start telling people 1. "I don't remember asking for your advice", or 2. "When you're pregnant, you can do it however you like. Until then, stuff it."


    (Pardon the rant, maybe I'm just mad ...because I'm pregnant)

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  • Haven't checked this board in months and months!  I'm a Tulsa mom and a Tulsa teacher! Smile
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  • Hi!  I'm about 7 weeks along and have my first dr appt/ultrasound on June 2nd.  This is my first and I am going to be a single parent.  Kinda nervous about that, but I'm strong.  I know I can do it. 

    My biggest issue right now is just all the anxiety over "what might go wrong".  This is definitely  case of Too Much Information Can Be A Bad Thing!!    I know I just need to chill out and have faith that everything will go amazing and the little one will be perfect in every way.... Is it normal to worry this much?  Tongue Tied

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  • ctygrlstl-  wow that was quite the rant.  It made me lol.  I remember those days.  My MIL would be all over me!  One time when she introduced me to someone she patted my belly and said "And this is my grandson".  I wanted to slap her.  I didn't say anything b/c it DS is her first grandbaby, but next pregnancy I probably won't be able to keep my mouth shut.

    kreejd- yes it is very normal to worry that much.  Just try to relax though, don't want to stress the baby out too much.  You will do great I'm sure.  Having a baby is scary for anyone! 


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  • I think I felt the baby's heart beating this afternoon when the tornadoes came into town today!!! Truly - my heart was pounding and then I felt pulse, pulse, pulse SO strong in my lower belly.  Crazy.  Hope you all made it safely through the storm!!  Prayers to everyone out there.
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  • No baby cooking here, but we have a darling 5 month old! We are thinking about trying for another one in the near future. We will see! :)
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