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Huntsville Hospital or Crestwood?

I was planning on delivering at HSV Hospital, but we took a tour of Crestwood and really liked the slow pace there.  Where did you deliver and what were the pros/cons?

Re: Huntsville Hospital or Crestwood?

  • We delivered at Crestwood, and it was awesome.  The only negative for us was that the day I delivered, the hospital was really busy so we got stuck in a very small surgery room instead of a post-partum room.  However, my overall experience was so good and I would go back again.  The nurses are so nice and attentive.  You can tell they really enjoy what they do. 

    Given the choice, I would definitely choose Crestwood. 

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  • You are going to get a lot of different answers on opinion is that it's all in personal choice. 

    I delivered at H'ville and I had an awesome experience.  The only thing I wish they did differently was have two beds in the post partum rooms like Crestwood does so DH wouldn't have had to sleep on a tiny couch.  There were 8 babies born the same day as DD and never once did I feel like the nurses were too busy, rushed, or hurried. I had a c/s and they were really great with after care and got me anything I needed.  I plan on using H'ville again if I have a second child.   

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  • I love love love Huntsville Hosp. It's where I was born, and where I've gone (tons of x) ever since. I also worked there, and I delivered my son there. They have amazing nurses and I love them.


    My favorite thing about HH, and prob the biggest thing to me is HH has the only regional NICU. Crestwood has a NICU, but HH's is larger and if something is complicated your baby will be transferred to HH anyways. Pretty much LO's from all over AL come to HH if their hospital or nicu cannot provide the best care.  

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    We delivered at HH and will definitely be using Crestwood next time. The delivery nurses were awesome and the post partum nurses were ok but we did not like the nursery nurses at all. One of the post partum nurses had graduated 2 months prior and could hardly answer any of my questions. One of the nursery nurses reeked of perfume and every time our LO was brought to us he reeked of it too (why would you wear that much perfume around a baby). Our LO had swallowed amniotic fluid so the Pedi asked for his stomach to be pumped. The night nursery crew did it but did not record it so the morning staff was just about to pump his stomach again before someone stopped them. I could go on and on but bottomline, we will not be going back to HH.
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  • MissLMSMissLMS member
    I don't have personal experience with either. But, my sister is due in October and is considered high risk because she has a condition with her blood clotting. She will deliver at HH.

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  • I delivered at HH and I loved it! I can't say enough great things about it. My nurse worked 7a-7p. I was induced at 6a and didn't have LO until about 8p. My delivery nurse stayed with me until way after he was born. So she worked more than her shift. She was so good to me. She told the nurse that came in from 7p-7a that she wanted to stay on with me and I wound up having 2 delivery nurses that were wonderful. I even sent my parents to get Elizabeth a gift card for taking such wonderful care of me. During the rest of my stay there the other nurses were really great too. I never felt like they were too busy for me. (There were 15 plus babies there when I was.) They gave me all kinds of samples of formula even though I was breastfeeding. They gave me diaper bags. The day I was discharged the nurse brought me lots of pads, mesh panites, and cold packs to take home. When we have another LO we will deliver at HH. Good luck.
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  • I didn't like Crestwood. People were in and out and in and out all day and when William slept... I couldn't because of all of the staff and volunteers who kept going in and out. Plus the Nursery nurses weren't the greatest. My nurses were great though. I loved L&D! But when I was moved to a PP room, it was dreadful... I don't know if I'll deliver there again.
  • I had both of my babies at HH.  I had both a terrible experience (first) and a great experience with my second baby. 

    I had scheduled c-sections both births so I can't comment on L&D.  With my first, I had a really bad experience with the nurses - they were just really too busy to pay good enough attention to me.  I think the day Avery was born, there were 22 other babies born!  

    With my second, since I had such a miserable time w/ HH I was planning on delivering (via c-section) at CW, however I ended up having to deliver early unexpectedly and since my OB's office is connected to HH - that's where we went.  My OB (Delisle) is very conservative and he said he had some concerns with the anasthesia department at CW and really prefers to deliver at HH.

    With my 2nd baby - my nurses, the pre-op nurse, everyone was AMAZING.  Really.  I was really upset I had to deliver at HH but the nurses I had the 2nd time around really really was amazing.

    I BF'd both of my babies and the nurses were very supportive of it.  I sent my kids to the nursery both times too so I could try to recover.  The nurses did NOT give my babies formula or anything - they brought the babies to me to nurse every 2-3 hours.  With Ryan (my 2nd), he wanted to suck suck suck and the 2nd night, the nurse asked me if she could give him a pacifier to soothe him.  I was ok with this but very glad she asked me before just doing it.  

     I would recommend touring both hospitals and going with your gut feeling but also know, that your plans can and WILL change!  I speak from experience! 

  • I know this is an old forum, but glad I found it as I'm in Huntsville with the same problem now. Everyone has been swaying me to HH since I've been asking.
  • Yes my OB says he delivers at both. So I'm good :)
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