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Phew! First day is a rough one! (PT 3 yo boy)

I have been dreading PTing. It is a lot of work. We usually keep busy and don't stay home much on weekends. I have enjoyed the freedom diapers provide, but the time has come. We must PT our 3  yo.

We have had three little potties from IKEA for about a year, and he likes sitting on them (as does little bro), and he occasionally poops on them when I see him making "that" face. But actually putting him in undies and making him go every few minutes has been time consuming, frustrating, and tiresome. He hates going every few minutes (we have changed up the time intervals), and we have  had all accidents and no sucesses today. We have a little sticker chart, but it doesn't seem like enough of a motivator. Tell me this gets better?

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Re: Phew! First day is a rough one! (PT 3 yo boy)

  • It gets better!!  I promise!! The first day is BY FAR the hardest but tomorrow will be much smoother.   You are going to be so proud of your LO, I swear it!  Keep your eye on the prize... My son has been trained for almost a month now using the 3 day method.  I LOVE not carrying diapers around or changing poopy dipes!! 
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