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Please help my son win the Parent's Magazine Cover Contest! Just click the link below, it will then take you to the Parent's Magazine website. Under his photo click the 'Vote For Me' link. After you verify your vote by entering the shown phrase, click submit. Please also spread the word :) I really want him to win so we can start up his college fund, and to send his dad (who is currently deployed) the magazine with him on the cover to brighten his day! Thanks so much in advance!

p.s. please vote everyday :) 

thank you all so very much! 


  • Ok you're totally getting annoying with this.
    BFP 2-28-09, DS born 11-11-09

    BFP 11-2-10, blighted ovum discovered 12-8-10, natural m/c 12-13-10
    BFP 1-27-11 - TWINS! di/di IDs born at 36w5d


  • can we get her banned from the bump for abuse?
    If the house ain't burned down and the baby's fed it was a successful day. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I reported her... so annoying!
  • Honestly, I stay away from voting for kid contests. I hate it when FB friends try to get me to vote for their kid. It's like saying "yeah this kid is cuter/better than that one". They are babies! You don't do that. Way to start with being superficial early on..I do not plan on ever entering my future DD in anything of that matter.

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