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What do you do with all the pics you take?

I have a crap ton of pics of Lucas and I have no idea where to start with them.  They are all digital pics and Id like to print them all out before baby 2 gets here and organize them nicely....I guess.

I have a photo album for him that I bought but it isnt full.  It is the kind that have the sticky sheets with the plastic that sandwiches the pics inside. I like the idea of this type of picbook, but it only holds two pics per page.  It is semi aggravating and thats why I stopped using it.

While I like the idea of scrapbooking but I think I have too many pics.  

Where do you keep your pics?  What do you do with them?  Any tips or tricks to never get this behind again?   


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Re: What do you do with all the pics you take?

  • Good question! I'm terrible with pictures. I take TONS of DD, and while I upload them monthly to FB and email them to family, I very rarely print any out. I'd love print them out, and organize them all, but it just seems like such a HUGE job. Hopefully someone will have some tips, and I'll get inspired!

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  • We have a Mac, so we use iPhoto to organize and store them.  They recently added this cool feature that does face recognition that makes it so easy to sort!

    We just have folders/albums in iPhoto labeled per event. You could do the same thing with a PC, just create folders.  Once the LO arrives, I am planning on just sorting them by month and special event.  My baby album has prompts for certain milestones and things, so I will print some out that way, but not all. 

    Now for all my old printed pictures (pre-digital) they are all in a huge plastic bin with no rhyme or reason.  I am not a big scrapbooker, so I have to imagine they will stay like that until the end of time!

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  • The ones that I don't use for scrapbooking I put in nice albums, but not the sticky sheet ones.  I use the ones where you just slide the pic into a sleeve.  They work out really well for us and I just keep them on a bookshelf in chronological order.
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  • If they are digital pics, I would suggest uploading them to Kodak Easy Share or Snapfish or another similar site and making a photo book. It can get pricey so I would sign up for emails and wait for coupon codes. I did this with my wedding photos as gifts for mom and MIL, and now it makes me want to do it from now on with all pictures.


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  • You can make digital scrapbook pages and print them out. I think Shutterfly and Flickr do this.
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  • I have all DD's pics on my laptop, organized by date/month.  I plan to do her baby book and then Shutterfly photo books, maybe every 6 months or year. I'll probably print the remaining and book them in regular photo albums that you slide in the sleeves, rather than sticky pages.
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  • I've made a couple of Shutterfly books, put some in frames, posted to FB, blogged, made a slideshow of year one, and if I'm inspired to I'll do more, but for the most part they are just organized by month on my laptop and backed up on an external hard drive. I figure our kids are of a generation that will look at pictures on computers more than in books, so I'm not going to sweat it.
  • Oh, I also uploaded pics by month to a shared site on Shutterfly so family could make books and get prints, but nobody used that much.  I stopped at six months since there didn't seem to be much point.
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