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What Prenatals are you on?

My doc prescribed PreNexa and I've only been taking them for two days (i know, i know...I should have already been taking them but I didn't). I don't have much to say about them except, wow are they doing some crazy things to my stomach. I am only 5 weeks and so far I haven't experienced any sickness (hoping I dodge that bullet) but these prenatals are making me run to the bathroom for different reasons! Especially at night! Can anyone else relate?
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Re: What Prenatals are you on?

  • I was on PrimaCare One when I was pregnant with DD#1 (I don't think they offer it any more though.)

    With DD#2 I was taking the Target brand prenatals and when I went to my first appointment my OB told me that there wasn't really a difference and just to keep taking those.  I always took them at night when I brushed my teeth to go to bed.

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  • I am taking the Target brand prenatals. I was originally given Citranatal but these have everything I need and work for me better. No stomach aches or anything!
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  • ricejlricejl member
    I take the Target Prenatals and Expecta for DHA. I haven't had any issues with these.
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  • I've been taking Nature Made with DHA (I think that's what brand they are) from CVS and I have had ZERO problems with them.
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  • I've been taking the Target brand since we got married/TTC.  I told my RE and my OB this and they said that it's fine.  I take it at night and haven't had any side effects.
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  • I took Target prenatals both times TTC and both pregnancies. No side effects here. My doctors all said the same as pp.
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  • Thanks ladies for all the answers. I think maybe my system just needs time to get used to the Prenexa...I've taking for the last three nights and I didn't have any problems last night. Maybe it's got it self worked out now? (I hope anyway)!
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  • I know I'm late on this one....but I use the Target brand of gummy prenatals!  They have plenty of DHA and all the other vitamins I need.  Plus they taste!  My OB said they are fine to use.  I have never had any problems with you might give them a try!
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  • I took Target brand at night with no side effects.
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