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Old Navy at Fairlane

Has anyone shopped for maternity clothes at the Old Navy at Fairlane?  It came up on Old Navy's site as the closest store to me that stocks maternity clothes.  Do they have a decent selection?  I need a swimsuit for a trip that's less than two weeks away and I'm debating whether it's worth the gas money (I live in Plymouth) or if I should just pay shipping and order a couple different ones to try.  TIA!
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Re: Old Navy at Fairlane

  • It's actually in Allen Park at Outer Drive and I-94, not Fairlane Mall.  Just wanted to clarify for you before you drove out there :)

    I shopped for my maternity clothes there.  It's a decent selection, not huge, but not super small either.  I never had to shop for a maternity bathing suit there, but I got a lot of jeans, capris, tops, sweaters, tanks, etc. there.  Maybe call first and see what their selection is like for swimsuits. 

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    Thank you!  That's good to said Fairlane on the site and I just assumed Fairlane Mall.  I'm only a little bit familiar with that area so I would have been driving around lost for a bit.  

    I'm debating between looking at Motherhood in Twelve Oaks and Old Navy.  I'll call both and see who has a somewhat decent selection.   

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  • You might want to try Old Navy online.  They have a much bigger selection and maternity is 20% off right now with code MAKEOVER.  Plus if you order over $50 you get free shipping :)
  • I got a maternity suit at Target and LOVED it. Not sure if they have any in stock now but it was really nice, fit very well and was flattering. It was the Liz Lang brand.
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  • Have you looked at Macy's? I was at Twelve Oaks the other day, and I noticed that  they now have a maternity section. I'm not sure if they have any suits, but it may be worth looking. Good luck!

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  • I think that ON selection is the same as most maternity sections I have checked out at ON...fairly small.  I would just order online if there is something you saw on the site.  I feel like they have a lot of pants, but not a lot of anything else and they seem to get picked over fast!


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  • Mrs.NGMMrs.NGM member
    Thanks for the recs!  This is probably my least favorite part of for maternity clothes.  It's slim pickings.
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  • Heres a coupon I found on another board, but I think you can only use it in store...

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