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Is This A Sign That Its Time To PT?

Ds is driving me nuts lately in that when we put him to bed, he keeps ripping his pants and then diaper off and peeing everywhere.  I am dreading that one day I go up and find poop everywhere.

I bought him a training potty a couple months ago and sometimes he likes to go on to it but he doesn't do anything.

When he poops now, and the past couple of weeks, he comes to us and pats his bum and says 'Mama, bum stinky'.

I know that he's not technically too young to PT, but honestly, the thought of pt'ing a.) freaks me out for some reason and b.) I am afraid that if he pt's now, that as soon as the baby is born he'll regress.

What do you all think?  My sis suggested maybe putting him in Pull Ups at night b/c he may have a harder time taking them off, but I have no idea about Pull Ups and if she could be right. 


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Re: Is This A Sign That Its Time To PT?

  • my son is doing the same thing taking his pj's off and find him in the morning w/ pee everywhere..I did start potty training but that will take time...meanwhile I have been putting his diaper on backwards along w/ underwear and then his pj's..some other people suggest using a 1pc w/ no feet and put that on backwards...good luck


  • I got 2T onesies from amazon just for this purpose!
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