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DS only goes when I take him

DS has only told me he had to go potty a couple times and 90% of those times he had already gone in his diaper.  He's about 50/50 on whether he actually wants to go and sit on the potty when I ask him to try.  I try to take him every 30 minutes and this works about 50% of the time.  We've had several completely dry days.  However, if I do not actively take DS to the bathroom, he will almost never tell me he has to or has already gone.  We've tried full days of wearing regular underwear and he still won't tell me even if he's sitting in wet clothes.  Should I just give it a rest until he's more in tune with himself and interested?  I just don't know what to do anymore.  I hate to have two kids in diapers in 9 months.
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Re: DS only goes when I take him

  • my DS peed for jelly beans. The first 2-3 days were a nightmare. I felt like he woul dnever learn. He did get better.  the first day I counted and he peed over 23 times. He had some accidnets and I did lots of laundry. Every time he peed he got a jelly bean. Then I started suggesting it was bathroom time and I would look for his signs of having to pee. I can't remember how I started him going by himself...I think I would make a big deal and say "Hurry up to the potty so you can get a jelly bean." So that worked.

    My DS is still pooping in a diaper though...he asks for it. Otherwise he's in underwear all day. 

  • DS gets a Pez candy every time he goes, but it still is not a good motivator for him.  Yesterday I put him in underwear and was asking him every 5 minutes if he needed to go potty and he kept saying "no"...until he had already peed his pants and then he said "yes".  Grrr.
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