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Potty Training

Need a bit of advice...

I never intended to seriously start potty training but I noticed that if LO had something to drink at 5-5:30 then she HAD to pee at bath time so after two weeks of watching to see if this was consistent, I started putting her on the toilet right before bath time. Within three weeks, LO would either happily hop on the toilet and pee within 30 seconds or fight like crazy if I try to put her on the toilet and not pee. We are up to six weeks now and at bath time LO will either walk to the toilet and pat the lid to say she needs to go or she will go to the bath tub and start climbing in and not pee at all. I've watched really closely since we do showers not baths and LO does not sit during the shower, nor does she stand in the spray so I'm pretty sure she is not peeing in the shower.

So this morning I lift LO out of her crib, we cuddle for a few moments like usual then I put her down to get her clothes and a fresh diaper out. I turned around and she had disappeared into the bathroom and was banging like crazy on the toilet. I got her on it and she happily sat there with me for a few moments but didn't pee (and judging by the warm diaper we probably were just a few seconds too late...). The bath time potty started out this way too, happy to sit there but nothing happens.

While I was planning on making the morning pee the next step in potty training (she pees within 5-10 minutes of waking 99% of the time), I was hoping that we would learn the word potty first or at least some sign/signal (which I guess in her mind is banging on the toilet seat lid...). We've been working on it for 6 weeks and there is nothing even remotely similar to the word 'potty' in our vocabulary. For the moment I'm going to leave the morning potty attempt completely at LO's discretion but if she continues this several times a week, does that mean she is ready for that next deliberate potty time? 

LO already knows how to tell me that she wants to go upstairs (where the only bathroom is) and the bathroom door is always open so her banging on the toilet seat lid would let me know 'potty'. Is that enough to do a little more potty training with? LO's word count is behind the curve still; 3-4 identifiable and spell-able words and maybe 3-4 more toddler gibberish that she has given meaning to. I'm not expecting a sudden jump in words that magically include potty related words. 

What do you think? Take LO forward if she continues to be interested in morning potty times or hold her back until she learns a word to indicate potty? I'm really afraid of holding her back if she wants to go forward. She's about to stay home with me for awhile so if we end up leaping into serious potty training in the next few weeks, I know I would be able to interpret LO's signals for potty time and just continue to push learning the word 'potty' or 'pee'. 

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    She is very young.  But my son started around that age too.  We didn't push him, but had just finished potty training DD so he was a bit interested.  We had a potty in the living room and he kind of just did it on his own.  Maybe get a toddler potty and leave it where she can see it so she can get to it quickly.


  • Well, LO has shown interest in morning potty about every other day so far and whenever she wants to, I get her on the toilet as quick as I can. The two times it has happened since my original post I have gotten her up there fast enough that she did pee (and she looks so ridiculously proud of herself too...) so we'll just let that morning pee take it's own training pace for now and work on saying the word potty or pee.

    The idea of a toddler toilet completely grosses me out so that's only going to happen as a last resort when we get to full time potty training. Though I am willing to consider the naked baby potty training method when we get to full time training, because I would just shampoo the carpets once LO is trained... whereas that toddler toilet would stick around for a while... 

    I would love to teach LO the sign for potty but she has been incredibly resistant to sign language and will slap my hands away when I try and if I put the Baby Einstein Signs DVD in she will go over and hit the TV. I've given up on teaching signs. 

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